The Basics

  • Hours: Monday - Friday from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm (Hours are subject to change.)

  • Look for the open or closed sign on the library entrance door. If I am visiting classrooms, the library will be closed, so please return to class.

  • Fines: Students may not purchase a parking pass, buy prom tickets, or graduate unless all library fines are paid. The library will start charging a $.05 fine per day that an item is overdue after Jan. 18, 2016.

  • Check-out: Books may be checked out for up to three weeks. If you need to renew a book, you can do that in the library or online.

  • Lunch: Students must stop by the library before school to get a pass to visit during lunch. If you don't have a pass from Mrs. Gravely, you will not be allowed to leave the cafeteria.

  • Students may visit the library during class, but be sure to get a white hall pass from your teacher first.

  • News: Check out the bulletin board across from the gym for news about the library.