Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

By: Mercedes Flores

Education/Degree/Certification Required

Bachelors degree for entry no related work experience for entry little or no on the job training to become competent.

Job outlook/ Median Annual Salary in the U.S.

Growth Rate= 1.2%

$27.46 Per Hour

Tasks and Activities (List 5)

1. Study animals in their natural habitats

2. Identify objects, Actions, and Events

3. Communication with Supervisors, Peers. or subordinates

4. Interacting with computers

5. Documenting/Recording information

Why is this career interesting to you?

I am interested in this career because I love animals and I want a job that I will enjoy doing not just for the money. Also, I want this career because it Is something different and it isn't bad to try something new.