Bill to Law

The Lawmaking Process

The Creation

First, someone has to have the idea of a bill they feel needs to become a law. Then, after they have their thoughts about the bill all together, they need to write it down.
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The Introduction

After the person has the bill all thought out and wrote down, a Representative of the House gives it to the clerk or drops it in hopper. Senator just announces the bill on the floor.

The Committee Process

Next, the bill is sent to a subcommittee for hearing and revisions. Then, standing committees determine if the bill passes or is killed.

Floor Action

House debates or Senate debates votes on passage and sends to one another for approval. If approved it then goes to the conference committee.

Final Approval

President signs bills for both senate and house of representatives but the difference is if the bill is from the senate he can veto it and if its from the house then it has to be passed in 10 days or it is just killed.