I have to get going

She begins to move towards my face. Before I know it, her lips are locked with mine. She is blowing air in my mouth. I feel my chest rise with each breath she exhales into me. I watch as she goes payday loans back to my chest and places her palms over it and begins to pump in a payday loans steady tempo.

My breath suddenly flies into my body, and my eyes open fully now. I sit up in a state of shock. What just happened? Her hands are placed firmly on my shoulders. I can see her lips moving, but I cannot comprehend her words. I cannot hear anything.

I am lost in her eyes. They are a deep and smoky aqua outlined by her long dark eyelashes. Her long hair runs all the way down to her legs. She continues to say something to me, payday loans but I can only stare at her in amazement. The sound around begins to slowly fade back into my awareness.

Her words are payday loans starting to gain volume. Are you okay? Are you okay? she repeatedly asks. I am not sure how to even respond. I don’t know what happened. Something doesn’t feel right.

My entire body payday loans is throbbing in pain. Yeah… I begin to cough harshly. I think so. What happened? I think you may have been struck by lightning. I have never seen anything like that before.

There were lightning bolts striking the ground all over the place. payday loans I heard someone so I came over as quickly as I could. Are you sure you are okay? I try to stand up, but a sharp pain shoots through my right abdomen, and I fall back to the ground. I immediately clutch my side hoping it will provide some instant relief only to find my hand is now drenched in my own blood. Oh, no, she exclaims.

She quickly jerks my blood-stained shirt up to discover the deep wound that is bleeding profusely. We have to find a way to stop the bleeding. She whips out her bag strapped around her shoulders and pulls out a wad of white gauze and roughly shoves it deep into my wound. Hold it there. Got it? Stay with me, now, she orders as she lightly taps my face forcing me to stay alert.

It will hold for now, but I have got to get you some more help. She looks torn about what she should do. As if she is deciding whether or not to leave me here. Well, I will help with this decision. No, I force out.

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