Welcome to Henderson County, NC!

Home of Hendersonville, the county seat!

Henderson County is in the mountain region

It was founded in 1838

  • The County got its name because, the 19th century NC's supreme court Chief Justice Leonard Henderson
  • The county board of Commissioners has 5 members

Tourist Attractions

The County of Henderson borders- Buncombe County, Haywood County, Rutherford County, Polk County, Greenville County, and Translyvania County.

Natural Landmarks!!

Moonshine Mountain- Enjoy snow tubing from the top of a 300 foot hill covered by three to five feet of snow at this venue that also features an outdoor fire pit, a tow lift, and a cozy lodge that toffers snacks and hot drinks.

Historic Johnson Farm- A great example of a late 19th and early 20th century farm, the entire structure of this farm was handmade from bricks that were fired on site from French Broad River.

Government in Hendersonville

The boards and commissions of the City of Hendersonville serve under the auspices of the City Charter or by City Ordinance.

Because these boards are authorized to exercise any one or more of the following functions: legislative, policy-making, quasi-judicial, administrative, or advisory, each is subject to the open meetings law which requires meetings be open to the public.

What it's known for,

Hendersonville is traditionally known as "The City of Four Seasons". Recently, the mayor of Hendersonville has proclaimed it "Friendliest City for Retirees in America".

By: Kelsie Brooks