Surveillance Cameras in School

by Taya adkins and Gemma mesco

Taya's Thoughts

In my opinion i think we should not have surveillance cameras in school. The reason for that is because it is invading our privacy. As children going to school we need to know that there's at least one thing in our lives that we can be trusted by and that is walking in the halls, without being watched.

Gemma's Thoughts

My thoughts on this issue are we shouldn't have surveillance cameras just in any place, but places like on the outside of classroom buildings so in case someone is sneaking drugs, beer or whine teachers can catch them. But what i feel is it's pointless to put cameras in any other areas like locker rooms, classrooms etc,

Pros Having Surveillance Cameras

-Less crimes of vandalism.
-Can catch crimes, everything to theft, violence drinking of bear or vodka even if they aren't live scenes they can still be re-winded.
-Example: When hearing about getting cameras at a Michigan school all students automatically became more organized and less signs of smuggling under aged products.
-Gives parents relief that their children are under surveillance and that they are safe while being at school.
-If students cheat on big major tests or pass around answers to a test, they can be easily caught.

Cons Having Surveillance Cameras

-Can feel invasive or stalked to students with surveillance cameras watching throughout the school,
-Surveillance cameras don't allow students to show that they are responsible.
-When students know they are being watched during class, the students can loose focus on their task and just focus on making sure the don't do anything to get in trouble. Which lowers grades.
-The up-keep for cameras cost a lot, so schools spend more money on keeping surveillance camera up-keep then buying what's more important school supplies.
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Quotes from Professonals

-Terry Piper says. “They’ve seen thefts go down. They’ve been able to solve instances of vandalism on occasion, and there have been student altercations where they’ve been helpful. They also serve as a deterrent, so you never know how many things might have happened if you hadn’t had them.”
- Kenneth Trump says, “a majority of parents tend to support it, and like the presence of those cameras, because it provides a clear indicator that there’s some additional measures to protect their children.”

Student Quotes


Our thoughts are still saying no to surveillance, many people may say yes or no to the idea but we certainly so no! We feel although all the stuff we learned doesn't change our minds at all. Even though studies may feel it's a good idea to have cameras in school but we feel we're being stalked, We already have school aids watching us now cameras what next! We need to prove we can be responsible, safe and respectful but with surveillance cameras we can't do that at all. That's why we feel there shouldn't be surveillance cameras a AMS unless something major happens like someone is hiding drugs and such.