Internet Safety

Tips and Information for Internet Safety

Safety Tips

  • Never go to dangerous chat rooms
  • Never post anything on the internet that will give out personal info
  • If someone emails your or cyber bullies you on the internet do not get involved
  • Do not meet anyone in real life from the internet you don’t know or do not have permission to meet
  • Do not try to hack/steal personal information from someone else
  • Never create an online account unless you know EXACTLY what you are signing up for and you have permission
  • Do not hack into others’ account
  • Make sure what your posting is safe and will not hurt anyone
  • Do not embarrass anyone on the internet
  • Do not post or upload anything inappropriate or anything bad in secret

More Tips for Internet Safety

  • Upload/post things that you’ll be proud of and not feel bad with
  • Do not post things that you don’t want people posting about you
  • Upload things that you know will not get you or others in trouble
  • Do not upload things that are racist, offensive, or inappropriate for a different color
  • Make sure you parent/guardian knows what you are posting and has full authority over it
  • Don’t make videos that are focused on negatives or someone
  • If you know someone who is being cyber bullied help them through it anonymously

Cybullying Pictures

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By: Michael D. Schend

This Smore was created by Michael Schend.