Andrew Jackson's Presidency

Were his actions justified? You decide.

Worcester v. Georgia

-This court case took place in response to the Indian Removal Act of 1830 signed by Andrew Jackson. The Cherokees felt it was unfair for Georgia to remove them from the land that they owned, so they filed a law suit. The Supreme Court ruled that a state (Georgia in this case) did not have the power to relocate the Cherokees because they were a sovereign nation. Jackson did not care what John Marshall (The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) had to say so he proceeded to relocate the Cherookees into Oklahoma. Jackson famously said, John Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it!"

-In the politcal cartoon to the right, a Cherokee man represent the land the Cherokees and there are rich white men dividing the land. They are taking away the land of the natives. Then they are using their land to get even richer like making rail roads and it shows how little by little the natives have been removed from their land. US courts are represented by a woman using scissors to cut the big Cherokee man. Arkansas, Alabama, and Georgia are being taken. More Cherokees are dying, and being buried into the National Cemetery. Missionaries are also trying to convert the Cherokee people.

Trail of Tears

-Jackson got his way and now the Cherokee nation must move into Oklahoma in 1838. The journey is long and dangerous but the Cherokke do not want to go to war after the wars they have endured. There is no other choice than to leave. Half of the population doesn't make it into Oklahoma, but they do get some American support. The US wants to make their travel safer so they agree to provide food for the Cherokees for a year; one physicians to heal wounds and countless injurees/illness; and finally steamboats upon arrival. The Natives start to rebuild their nation when they arrive including building houses, planting, and clear land. They also establish a government.

-In the political cartoon to the left, the white man is making the native leave. A sign that says "Peace" is broken. The white man has some straw-like bundles in his hand that says "War". The Cherokees are eaving because they don't want to go to war, while the US will go to war if there are any problems. The Cherokees are outnumbered and they have no choice but to leave.

-Below are more pictures/political cartoons showing how the Cherokees were treated by the white men

Nullification Crisis

So, there were two tariffs that were passed during Jackson's presidency. One was the Tariff of 1828 and the other was the Tariff of 1832. South Carolina thought this was unfair and thought that they could just avoid the tariffs, hence "Nullififcation Crisis". South Carolina was also doing bad in their economy because they had to buy expensive manufactured goods that they did not make. They made their money off of plantations. Jackson then passed the Force Bill, which forced South Carolina to pay the tariffs (using the army). In response to the Force Bill, South Carolina threatened to leave the nation. Jackson said he was ging to hang their state Senator (John Calhoun) who was also the Vice President, and that's when South Carolina gave in. South Carolina would pay the tariffs if they were lowered and their Senator was kept alive.

-In the political cartoon shown below (most to the left) , the Northern states, who own manufacturing companies are getting rich. The South states are losing money because of the tariffs and are getting the shrt end of the stick. The union (U.S.) is on the North side both literally and figuratively. This is the reason why the tariffs are hated by everyone and that's why this event is sometimes called Tariff of Abominations.

A Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

My name is John and I own a planation. I think that Andrew Jackson has made terrible choices throughout his Presidency. The worst of all is his decision to make tariffs more higher. The last couple of years have gone downhill for me, I am losing money because of tariffs and I need to feed a big family. When South Carolina refused to pay the tariffs I was releaved to hear someone was on my side. Then Jackson went crazy and threatend to attack South Carolina. I hope you agree with me and this gets fixed in the years to come.


John Joe

Another Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing to tell you how much I agree wiith many of Andrew Jackson's actions. I get bigger paychecks weekly, and the Southerners will have to pay extra for our manufactured items. I also think that Jackson avoided larger disputes in the South when he threatened to send the army to South Carolina. Jackson is a smart man and I hope that he influences more political figures.


Bob Smith