Gifted and Talented Students

3 Big Ideas I learned

I learned that even in schools with the minority races are not the minority there are still more white and Asian learners who are tested and identified for being gifted.

I learned that you a the "gifted" label that we know it came about in the 1970's

I learned that just because a learner is labeled with the gifted label, this does not mean that they do not need any help in accomplishing the grade level objectives. They could struggle in many classes because that is not where their giftedness shines.

2 Questions I still have

What are we doing to help better identify students who are minorities or who have disabilities? It seems like these are the areas where students are most unidentified.

How do we meet the needs of a learner that is disabled and also is gifted. If this learner enrolled in gifted class but also has an IEP are accommodations and modifications still allowed?

1 action I can take immediately

Be aware of some of these misconceptions and make sure I do not see them going on in my classroom or in the classrooms I visit.