A Christmas Carol

The play is at the Guthrie through Christmas

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an exciting play that has many unexpected twists that become of changing your life. The play has more characters than the book and you can get a better feels for the characters personalities when it is on display for you.

First, t is an exciting play because it surprises you with how Scrooge changes through out the the play. At first he is all about his money and he thinks all that is important in life is getting the most money in anyway possible, but as the ghost start visiting and he gets to see how and is so selfish he finds that spark to live with happiness again. That is an incredible journey and the end product is Scrooge impacting people in a positive way. Secondly, there are more characters in the play than in the book. For example Maryweather is the "house wife" in the play and seems to be a lot like Scrooge in the fact that she just goes through the motions, instead of looking for more opportunities in life. Lastly, you get a better idea of how drastically Scrooge changes through out the story, he really gets exciting to share his new Christmas cheer. You can also feel hoe much he cared about Tiny Tim, and how he wanted to help him get through some of his physical challenges.In conclusion, you should see the play because it has lots of fast exciting action, it has more characters to offer, that make an impact on the play and finally you can get a better picture of the personalities in the play.

Sacrifices made

One sacrifice Scrooge had to make was his cash inflow, he chose to give a lot of money away to people who need money more than him. That was hard for him because he was attached to his money, and he thought the only thing important enough to care about. An example of me sacrificing something is in baseball getting in front of the ground ball and stop it for the good of the team.