Raz Kids Reading- Radical News

We are so proud of you!!!!

This newsletter will provide a shout out for our top readers in each grade of Micro-School.

Students, please remember that Raz Kids is always there for you to read on your own. You do not have to wait for reading assignments to use Raz Kids.

February 7-25, 2022 - The Reading Challenge

Starting next Monday, February 7 through Friday, February 25, 2022 we are challenging all of our Micro School students to earn as much time and badges as you can.

This is our month of reading. We believe in each of YOU!

Our overall goal is to have every student complete at least 180 minutes of reading time within Raz Kids during those 3 weeks. This equals 60 minutes per week, which is equal to 1 hour. Everyone meeting this goal will earn their invitation to our Raz Kids Pizza Party!

In addition, we will recognize the TOP readers from each grade level and the TOP 3 readers amongst all of the Micro-School!

Kindergarten Top Reader- Trenton

Trenton has earned 740 STARS in the last week and 5 awesome badges! Keep reading Kindergarten!
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1st Grade Top Reader- Samuel

Samuel has earned a massive collection of Raz Kids reading badges! Way to Go, Samuel! He has earned 1,500 STARS in the last week!
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2nd Grade TOP Reader- Jayden

Jayden has been working hard as well to earn his Raz Kids reading badges! Super Star work! He has earned 2,910 STARS in the last week! WOW
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3rd Grade TOP Reader- Belle

Belle has been reading up a storm to earn her Raz Kids reading stars! She has earned 880 stars in the last week! WOO HOO!
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4th Grade TOP Reader- Keyan

Keyan is growing those reading skills everyday. He has earned 1,930 STARS and just look at the badges he has earned! Super Star!
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5th Grade TOP Reader- Athena

Athena has earned 10 STARS in her Raz Kids over the last week and has a great collection of reading badges! Keep it up!!
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