Mammoth Discoveries

Mammoths and Waco National Park

Recent and non recent discoveries reveals new information about Waco National Monument. In the spring of 1978, Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin went looking for fossils and arrowheads. They found a mammoth bone had scientics confirm it was a mammoth bone. Found more bones in the area and made it a national park! the park is now open for all visitors.

Ecosystem Before and After

Mammoths required 500 pounds of grass. So a lot grew. Now the grass dosent grow as much because mammoths are gone. Big animals that hunted mammoths are also gone because their source has dissapered.

Mammoths and religions

Old people believed mammoths were gifts sent from the gods. They believed that gods wanted them to survive and evolve and that the huge amounts of meats mammoths provided were literally holy.
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