Aiden Wagner

The Rabbit and The Fish

One day on a bright beautiful morning, a rabbit went hunting to find some food. The rabbit looked in the river and saw a big meaty fish. Before the rabbit tried to grab the fish a disgusting mole came out of its hole and grabbed the rabbit by the leg. " Get over here rabbit! " The mole said. The fish saw the small rabbit struggling to get out of the the moles tight grip. The fish Jumped out and smacked the mole upside his head which made him let go. The Rabbit thanked the fish and went back home.

A few weeks later, their was a hungry fisherman. The fisherman tricked the Fish into grabbing on the hook which he pulled up caching the fish. The rabbit saw him about to kill the fish. The rabbit leaped up into the air biting the fisherman which made the fisherman drop the fish back into the water. The Fish and Rabbit became best friends after that.

Theme: Always help people in need