Smiling Mind

by Morgan Banta-Ryan

About the App

Smiling Mind is a free app for IPhone. It has different meditation cycles based on your age and mood. You are able to set challenges for yourself and explore different aspects of meditation. It tracks the number of meditations you have completed. Once you have chosen your program, it talks you through the meditation.
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The app is very user friendly. It creates a meditation program based on your needs. When you finish your meditation, it asks to see if your mood has improved. My favorite feature of this app is how the intensity of the meditation is based on how you feel. Meditation can help middle school students reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and mental illness. I would recommend this app to a friend because it's fairly easy to use and is very beneficial to one's mental health.

Cons of Smiling Mind

The app does not do a good job of counting your meditations. It doesn't save your preferences so you have to enter all your information every time you go on the app.