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August 21, 2020

Whittier News August 21
Whittier Staff 2020-2021

Click the button above to see who's who and who's new this year. Our Whittier Staff is here to serve students and families! We believe we can achieve great things for our students when we work together with our families. Let's be connected!

Look for This Next Week - Very Important

IMPORTANT! On Monday, August 24, parents/guardians will receive an email from PowerSchool Registration, our secure online student enrollment system. The email will provide instructions on how to use the secure online portal to update student information for the coming school year.

PowerSchool Registration will replace the paper Student Information Cards of the past. In addition, we will request parent/guardian contact, transportation and health information along with responses to Agreements, such as Media Exposure and Terms of Use information, be entered in the portal.

When you receive the email containing instructions, please take a few minutes to review and complete the online form as soon as possible. We are targeting August 31 to have all updates submitted.

Questions and Answers

Catch-up on School Pickup: Questions and Answers:

Q. I picked up materials today but I have some questions about the contents. Can you explain?

A. The packet contained a letter from the Principal, a Schoology letter with parent and student specific login, your child's virtual learning schedule, an FCPS calendar handbook, and Free and Reduced Meals application. (Everything else is learning materials that your child will use once school starts. Keep it in the envelope for now in a safe place as the teacher will refer to it with students and teach them what each item is for.)

Q. I missed my pick-up time at school today. What can I do?

A. Please call us at the front office at 240-236-3100 if you have not already let us know.

Q. When is the next pick-up time?

A. Monday, August 24 and Tuesday, August 25 12:00-4:00 in the front loop of the school

Q. I still need a Chromebook but did not complete the Student Planning Profile - what can I do?

A. E-mail Mr. Migdal at david.migdal@fcps.org. He will work with you to get what you need.

Q. I know of a family that has no internet access at all and won't be able to get online. How can I help?

A. Ask the family to get in touch with Mr. OhEithir or if it's OK for you to send an email on their behalf letting me know. I appreciate this very much if there are situations like this where we can help.

Q. May I ask another family to pick up materials for me?

A. Yes to all except the Chromebook. Because each family is responsible to the care of FCPS issued devices, only the family signing it out may receive it. If you are coordinating pick-up of materials with another family, please let us know by calling 240 236 3100.

Looking Ahead... What's Next?

Week of August 24th

First week back for all staff. Teacher and support staff will be engaged in planning instruction, outreach to families, and getting ready for the first day of school.

Family Orientation events will continue this week:

This will include opportunities to:

  • -get acquainted with our staff (introduction videos will be sent out in a midweek Whittier Newsletter on Wednesday so that you can see who we all are)
  • your child's teacher will contact you Wednesday or Thursday to schedule some time for a GoogleMeet. The purpose of the meeting is to get acquainted and to talk about your specific family and how you can access virtual learning. We will problem solve with you together to work through any difficulties. We hope to have met with every family by the end of the first week of school.

In your orientation, teachers will be able to walk through a daily schedule with you and provide specific information pertaining to their classroom, including:

  • when small groups will meet together
  • when students will work offline or independently

  • how to access recorded live instruction for families whose schedules make it difficult to access at the scheduled times.

  • how to obtain additional support for a student that may need it, including teacher office hours and learning support after regular school hours

  • access to our school counselors

  • Social Emotional Learning instruction through our PATHS program

  • when and how to access Art, Music, PE, and Library Media

  • access parent training opportunities on Schoology platform

Week of August 31st

August 31st is the first day of school for students. We are beyond excited to begin our year with students. Expect that the first weeks of school will have a heavy focus on engagement, building routines, developing common practices, and most importantly, creating a sense of belonging and community.

Whittier School Meals Program 2020-2021

This will begin August 31, 2020

A Message from Lifetouch Yearbooks

Dear Families,

Yearbooks are a tradition for schools throughout the US and Canada. At Lifetouch, we are humbled to be a part of providing that tradition. We know how important yearbooks are - especially in times like these.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge this year's delayed yearbook delivery is not what you, as our customers expect, nor deserve, from Lifetouch.

We want you to be aware that our primary yearbook production facilities are located in some of the states that are being hardest hit by the pandemic. We have prioritized the safety of our employees; and we are following all state and local health guidelines to create a safe working environment. Social distancing requirements mean that there are fewer people available to work at any given time. These changes have impacted our production schedule in meaningful ways.

We realize this has created a lot of frustration since we are currently unable to provide an estimated delivery time frame for your school's yearbook. Please know our teams are doing everything possible to get your yearbook to you. Shipping is monitored daily. As soon as your yearbook ships, your school will receive tracking information so they can arrange to distribute the yearbooks to the students and families in a manner that is best suited for everyone's safety.

As we navigate COVID-19, our intent is to provide you with a yearbook that your student will treasure for a lifetime. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented time together.



Parent Guide to Resilience

This resource provides simple, practical, just-in-time advice and guidance in navigating not just these times, but any times.

Big picture

Girl Scout troops are forming and have spaces for girls and adults at Whittier Elementary School in Frederick. Become a Girl Scout family!

To sign up to attend our virtual parent meeting on Thursday, 8/27/2020 at 6:00 PM, or to get more information, go to https://bit.ly/gs-37-5

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