Cystic FIbrosis

Will they ever find a cure?

History of Cystic Fibrosis

This disorder was first discovered in 1939 by Doctor Dorothy Anderson. it is an life- threatening disorder that is inherited from the patients parents, It damages the lungs and digestive system. Patients struggle with pneumonia and many of the patients die of lung cancer.

Personal Experience

My aunt had cystic fibrosis and constantly struggled with lung issues. She had pneumonia multiple times and she passed away due to a lung related illness. Some people don't realize how painful Cystic Fibrosis is. She was very frail and weak for her last few years.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is most affected by Cystic fibrosis? Caucasian- American children.
  • Are there environmental factors or influences? No, this disease is inherited from either a carrier and a carrier, a carrier and a patient, or a patient and a patient.