NPSS Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 5 May 2016

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Literacy Symposium 2016

On June 15th from 8:30 AM - 3:45 PM, we will be hosting the 4th Annual Literacy Symposium at DeSales University. This year's theme is Building Readers and Writers for Lifelong Literacy Experiences. Below is the link on the CIU20 website to register and access further information, such as descriptions of the break-out sessions. If you plan on attending this great event, you are encouraged to register right away as space is limited. Those attending from the department will earn a flex day.


Monday, May 9th-Parent Engagement Night Planning Meeting-10:00 AM at CIU 20

Tuesday, May 10th-New Workshop for School Counselors

The End Game Flyer

Friday, May 13th-Live Broadcast from NASA Headquarters to PA Schools

10:00 AM – Noon

If interested in watching the stream, go to:

Monday, May 16th at 3:30PM-Delaware Valley University Information Session @CIU20

If you are interested in a earning a Masters in Special Education or Educational Leadership and/or a Principal, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, or Supervisor of Special Education PDE Certifications, please rsvp to Kathy Emeigh at or Vic Lesky at

Friday, May 20th-EOY Benchmark Due Date

Monday, May 23rd-Title I/Act 89 Parent Engagement Night

Tuesday, May 26th-NPSS Staff Meeting with Teachers

Thursday, May 28th-NPSS Staff Meeting with Counselors

Wednesday, June 8th-Title I Coordinators' Meeting

Wednesday, June 15th-Literacy Symposium at Desales University

Thursday, June 16th-Aims Web Training for Math Committee (tentative)

Tuesday, July 19th-Gifted Seminar at Carbon-Lehigh IU21

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  • HELP NEEDED! Please encourage your Title I/Act 89 families to attend the Parent Engagement Night on May 23rd. Currently, only a few families have signed up for the event.

  • If you have your Form A post-assessment completed, please email it to Todd ASAP. At your EOY meeting, please be prepared to discuss components where you scored yourself "Distinguished" on the post-assessment section. Feel free to share evidence/examples as well.

  • If applicable, please be prepared to share your SLO data at your end-of-year final evaluation meeting. We will use this data to score the success of your SLO.


A few staff members are beginning to see their IU email/account password expire. When this happens, the account is unreachable and locked until you reset the password. A Password Portal link was sent out earlier this year asking that each employee enrolls. That way you are not locked out of your account should your password expire before you are able to change it. The Password Portal link is:

If you signed up, you should have access to the account with your current password. If you did not sign up, you will receive an error message stating your account has not been configured. Please check to see if you signed up. If you did not, please let Christine know. With the end of the year approaching, many passwords are set to expire.


  • Progress Monitor DIBELS Next

  • Below is a link to a company that sells Phonics Chip Kits. Please let Kathy Bossert know if you're interested in ordering a kit.


  • Progress Monitor Aims Web


My apologies for the late recognition, but I hope everyone had a great week for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you for all that you do for the students you serve in your schools each and every day! -Todd
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