K-2 Team Newsletter

August 12, 2019

Principal's Message

We made it through Week 1 all in one piece! GO US!! We are so appreciative of everyone going all in, being receptive to feedback, and making adjustments on the fly to ensure our scholars had a successful week. Moving into Week 2 we are still focusing on Priority #1 - Creating a Warm Demanding Culture. Within this priority we will hone in on the following: WTD, Radar, and Least Invasive Techniques. Also, this week we will begin our differentiated teacher support so you should have or will receive an email from our primary coach with details. We are so honored to do this work with you all and exemplify the tenants of true teamwork!

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." -Andrew Carnegie

Important Operations Information

Safety Guidelines

In an effort to keep us all safe, we all should adhere to a few guidelines that have recently been brought to our attention:

  • Do not prop exit doors open unattended and do not let scholars open the doors for anyone.

  • Do not allow visitors to enter through side doors without signing in at the front office during school hours.

  • If you see someone walking through the building without a visitor pass who is not an authorized person, please radio the office immediately on Channel 3 with a full description and location.

Computer Pros

  • In an effort to limit printing issues, unfortunately, Computers Pros will not allow personal computer access to printers. If you currently have access, it will not be restricted but at this time no additional personal computers will be granted access. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • iTunes Downloads: Due to the large number of users and potential costs associated with iTunes. We ask that app download requests be sent to the grade level team leads who will compile a list of users who are requesting certain apps so we can process all those requests at one time by sending them to Antjuan via email. At that time, Computer Pros will push those approved app requests to those particular iPads. Please allow up to 4 business days for requests to be filled!

  • iPad Password: It is 1460 please do not change...this is the permanent password

Key Fobs

  • We are working with MNPS to get 24/7 key fob access as soon as possible. They have to come out with a computer and reprogram our entry points. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • All lead teachers are required to set up their Infinite Campus account by Wed, April 14 by calling (615) 269-5956 (ext 9). If you know your username, you will be able to reset your password. If you don’t know your username, email Eva Kohlmoos to get your employee ID.

  • Please take attendance on the EEP google spreadsheet Aug 12-16.

  • On Monday, August 19th, please take attendance in Infinite Campus.


  • Teachers please collect lunch and/or snack money from all your scholars and return it with the breakfast roster and bag. This will help with the line moving faster at lunch and we will be able to add it to the scholar accounts ahead of time.

Deans of Academics


Thanks for a wonderful week as we get our school year off to a strong start! As we continue to MAP test and baseline new EEP friends, please flag any friends you want to thought partner with us about as we start to think about appropriate at-school and at-home supports!


Please begin entering grades starting the week of August 12th. Resources on how to use Illuminate are on the school drive and don’t hesitate to contact your dean of academics, veteran teachers on your team, or Eva Kohlmoos with questions.

Dean of Culture

Culture Corner

  • Behavior Support: Thank you for all your hard work in the first week to identify the needs for (as Dr. P says..) our lovebug scholars. I will be meeting with grade teams this week to discuss behavior interventions/tracker/incentives/etc... for our lovebug scholars.

  • LiveSchool Parent Portal: Codes for parents to access LiveSchool will be placed in your mailboxes by the front office kitchen on Monday. They are printed by your homeroom cohort and will have a unique code for each scholar. As rosters continue to fluctuate over the next couple weeks, please email Eva the names of scholars and their homerooms that need to be added to LiveSchool.

  • Culture Focus:

    • 100%: 100% compliance, 100% of the time, 100% of the way is the expectation because it fulfills the promise that we believe in the achievement of all scholars!

      • Radar - Be Seen Looking, be aware of the misbehaviors that are happening, figure out the source of the behavior, and decide on the best teacher move up and down the ladder to correct it.

      • Least Invasive Form of Intervention - Assume the best, decrease the amount of air time you give to broken expectations, use strong silent hand signals to reinforce expectations, and then move up the ladder.

        • Non-Verbal Intervention

        • Positive Group Correction

        • Anonymous Individual Correction

        • Private Individual Correction

      • Issue Glows and Grows

        • Lightning-Quick Public Correction Consequence and put Grows in LiveSchool

        • Our goal is 45,000 glows by the end of the school year, that is 11, 250 glows a quarter, and 3,750 glows per grade level Quarter 1.

  • WIG Grade Level Winner(s): This goes to the grade level(s) that have at least two out of the three criterion: highest number of the target glow, a decrease in behavior referrals, or have a 3:1 ratio. We will roll this out next week when we get official LiveSchool data.

  • WIG Scholar of the Week: We will roll this out next week to announce the scholar with the most glows!

  • Attendance: Congrats to 1st Grade for winning the GOLD this week!

Big picture

Dean of SEL

Thanks for a great week, everyone! Individual counseling services will begin next week. Feel free to send an email to discuss individual scholars if you feel you need support!

Leader in Me: Habit #3: Put First Things First "I am disciplined and organized."

Focus Glow: Responsibility/Balance - following directions with urgency and enthusiasm or without them being explicitly stated; staying on-task during academic work time; demonstrated efforts to model silly to serious.

Weekly Reminders

Please be informed:

  • Email Dr. P the serial numbers of your iPads ASAP once they are charged up
  • Sub Folder/Binder…Due Aug 16th - access to the master to copy with info included is here
  • These items begin tomorrow Aug 12th
    • Weekly Lesson Plans - due Mondays
    • Homework - send home packets Mon-Fri
    • Glows and Grows - enter into LiveSchool
    • Uniform Full Compliance - Log into LiveSchool by 9:00 am daily
    • First LiveSchool Paychecks - DOC will print daily and drop off by 2:50 pm
    • Grade Level Team Meetings - start on your selected day 3:45-4:15 pm

Upcoming Events

MAP Testing

August 12-21 (schedule)

Bubble Send Off

August 16th

8:45-9:15 am

Friday PD

August 16th

2:30-4:00 pm


Ticoria Wagner - August 3rd (we missed it)

Shelly Gaughan - August 14th

Molly Jackson - August 16th

Nicole Bruner - August 19th

Rebecca Walsh - August 20th


Anya (Mons) Whipkey

August 12th-16th

Nicole Bruner

August 14th

Victoria Gamble

August 16th @2:30 pm

Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Classroom Photo of the Week!

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary School Principal