Apps In The Classroom

6 Engaging mLearning Apps

6 examples of engaging mLearning Apps are provided below! The Apps that have been chosen are for a variety of different grades through K-12.


Prezi is a great site that provides many opportunities for students to be creative! It is cloud-based, which means that you can present from a variety of devices, including iPad or iPhone. Prezi is used to created presentations and can help students visually explain how ideas or concepts are related to each other. Also, students are able to build presentations not only by themselves, but also in groups! Therefore, this ia great app to promote group working and working together.


Duolingo is an app used for language learning. It offers courses in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. This app provides resources that help teach a certain language and allows you to compete against friends who also have this app.

Duolingo would be a great app to use in the classroom, especially if it is a language class. This app could be used to help provide practice for students or even homework. This app could also be used in other classes where there are students who are not fluent in English; therefore, this app could be used to help them understand the instructions given by the teacher. Of course, this app could also be used for other languages of instruction as well. This app provides is a great tool to help all students succeed.

Duolingo Introduction

Duolingo Intro

Friendstrip IDS

Friendstrip IDS is an app that is fueled by the student's imagination! It allowes the student to get as creative as they want and it also helps them to explore a variety of storytelling ideas. Students can become the director of their own short story!

This would be a great app to use in an English class as the students would be able to create their own story through this application. This would be a great resource for students, especially those who have difficulty writing.

Story Wheel Lite

Story Wheel Lite is an educational game that focuses on improving the student's cognitive abilities. This app helps the student to work on his or her understanding of the story composition, strengthens imagination and it also improves oral language skills.

This app would be a create asset in an english/language arts classroom. This app also allowed 1-4 people to create a story; therefore, it is helping the students become engaged and work with each other. This app is also great because there is a voice recording option as well; thus, the students who struggle with writing will be able to use this app as well!

Zeus vs Monsters

Zeus vs Monsters is a free math learning app. It is a game that combines Greek methodology and math; therefore, it is a great way for students to learn math! This app would also be a great tool for those students who do not find math interesting or who need extra practice with math. This resources is an exciting, fun and engaging way to get students excited about math!

ChemReference Periodic Table

The ChemReference Periodic Table app provides access to a periodic table. Not only do you have access to this periodic table, but the students are also able to learn about the elements by simply clicking on the element they wish to know more about. For instance, they can learn the mass, boiling point and melting point of the element.

This app would be a great resource for all chemistry classes! Not only would it be a great tool in the classroom, but also outside the classroom to help students with any assignments.