Rats Saw God

by Rob Thomas

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Main Characters

Steve York is the main protagonist of the story. Steve York is a senior in high school and he used to be is very intelligent. He reminds me of a friend of mine in freshman year. Steve York reminds me of one of my friends because he also was failing English class.

The antagonist is not a person it's Steve York's bad habit of smoking weed. Smoking weed causes him to make failing grades. Smoking weed reminds me of Smokey from the movie "Friday".

Protagonist's Problem

Steve York's problem is that he's failing his English class, which is keeping him from graduating. However, if he wants to graduate on time he must write 100 page essay over anything he wants.
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Protagonist's Memorable Moment

Steve York's most memorable moment so far is he's senior, but might not graduate on time.

Protagonist's Important Action

Steve York's important action is to write a 100 page essay on anything he can think of, in order to graduate on time.

Antagonist's Problem

My antagonist in this book is weed. So I guess it's problem is that it's addicting.

Antagonist's Memorable Moment

Most memorable moment for weed ,so far, is when Steve York tries it for the first time.

Antagonist's Important Action

Weed's important action is I guess mess up Steve York's brain.

Other Characters' Perspective on Main Characters

Doug's Perspective of Steve York (Best friend of Steve York) is that he's a good friend and knew him for a long time and he thinks he's loyal.

Jeff DeMouy's (Steve's senior year guidance counselor) perspective of Steve York is that he's a slacker and disrespectful.

Ms.Sky's (English teacher) perspective of Steve York is that he's a troublemaker and he has a "I don't care" attitude.

Main Characters on Other Characters

Steve York's opinion the following characters:

Doug-Good guy and loyal.

Jeff DeMouy-Boring and not very liked.

Ms.Sky-Strict and also boring.

My Impressions of Protagonist Character

My impressions of Steve York is he's a good student; however, he's has a problem with his parents divorce and weed. I like how Steve York used to be a 4.0 student because that reminds me of my goals that I want to accomplish. I dislike how he's doing drugs because that's what messed up his grades up. He's like me because he used to have a 4.0 GPA.

My Impressions of the Antagonist Character

My impressions of weed(the antagonist of the story) is it can ruin your life. I like most about weed is nothing because it ruined Steve York's grades. I dislike weed because it's addictive. This inanimate object is not similar to me at all.


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