February News


Dates To Remember

  • Friday, February 21 - LMES Winterfest and Silent Auction
  • Saturday, February 22 - District 5 Dance Marathon
  • Tuesday, February 25 - PTO Meeting and Art Show
  • Wednesday, February 26 - Early Release Day - 11:40 a.m. dismissal

Science & Social Studies

The Americans won the Revolutionary War and signed the Treaty of Paris in 1783! We finished discussing and taking notes for Chapter 9 today and will complete a study guide during class tomorrow. Our Chapter 9 test will be Monday, February 24. Chapter 10 will prove to be quite interesting, but lengthy. We will learn all about how our nation had to form a new government after gaining our independence from Britain. The Articles of Confederation, our original plan for government, were weak and led to the writing of the US Constitution. The Bill of Rights was then added to protect the rights of individual citizens.

Science homework tonight is to complete the Organisms and their Environment study guide that we started in class today. Tomorrow we will go over the study guide to prepare for Friday's test. Our next science unit, my personal favorite, is Light, Magnetism, and Electricity. We will have almost daily hands-on labs that I am certain your child will enjoy.

ELA & Math

In word study, we have been learning how Greek roots are combined to form words we use everyday. This is our third and final week of studying Greek roots. Next week, we will begin a two week study of figurative language. Your child will have a packet with daily classwork and homework activities.

Students are enjoying our study of Greek myths in reading. We have read several myths, such as Hercules, Odysseus and the Cyclops, and Pandora's Box. We have completed story maps detailing the problem, plot, and theme for each myth. We will also disuss allusions that are used everyday, such as "the Midas Touch" and "Achilles heel". Ask your child about some of the tasks Hercules had to complete after he disobeyed Zeus and used his strength negatively or how Odysseus defeated and outsmarted the giant Cyclops, Polyphemus. Or ask him/her what happened when Pandora disobeyed Zeus and opened the golden box/vase. We will continue to read, analyze, and compare/contrast a number of myths.

In Math, we have been learning about decimals to the thousandths place. Students are discovering the relationship between fractions and decimals. We will have a quiz on lessons 1-5 on Thursday.