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2016-2017 School Year

Fall is in the Air!



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PLEASE remember to send a healthy (peanut free) snack and drink for your child daily!

Please initial your child’s assignment notebook nightly.

Fall is here and the weather is chilly, please send your child with warm clothes because we go outside if it is warmer than 15 degrees. Also, flu and cold season is here. Please encourage your child to wash their hands frequently and continue to let you know when they are not feeling well. If they come to school sick they can spread it to many.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

PTA Membership

Our class is the winner of an extra $100 Bright Ideas Grant! Thank you to all of you for joining!


PAWS Pride

This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on conflict resolution. The students discussed some simple rules to solve a problem and watched a short video on what can happen if these steps aren't followed. The activities will allow the students an ability to prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways.

From our Social Worker

This year I have the pleasure of teaching each 3rd grade classroom social skills that align with the Illinois Social Emotional Learning Standards. This month we will be focusing on identifying feelings/emotions, which emotions are comfortable and uncomfortable and then ways to use strategies with those uncomfortable feelings/emotions we feel. These lessons cover the Social Emotional Learning Standard below:

Develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve school and life success. Identify and manage one's emotions and behaviors. The goal at the end of elementary school that children can recognize and label emotions, demonstrate control of impulsive behavior, describe a range of emotions and the situations that cause them and lastly describe and demonstrate ways to express emotions in a socially acceptable manner.

Shannon Hill, LCSW

School Social Worker

Curriculum Information

Global Read Aloud- The BFG

This week, we continued to read The BFG by Roald Dahl for our global read aloud. It is a way to connect with other 3rd grader students from all over the United States, reading the same book. Last week, we did a google hangout skype session with a 3rd grade class from North Carolina to talk about the book. What an amazing experience. We will continue to connect with this class via kidblog too.

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Connecting about our Global Read Aloud book with a 3rd grade class from North Carolina!

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Reading tip to help at home.........Developing our Schema

I describe schema to my students as a filing cabinet in their heads. As we get new information about a topic, we either add it to a folder of preexisting information in our brain or we create a new folder that we will continue to add information as we get it. It is important before we begin to read about a topic to go into our filing cabinet in our brain to activate our prior knowledge of the subject. That background knowledge can help us better process new information and build upon what we already know. Ask your child at home to reach into their schema to make connections, inferences, and to draw conclusions before, during, and after reading at home!

Weekly Reading Snapshot


Weekly Story: Penguin Chick-Expository Nonfiction

Comprehension Skills: Main Idea and Details

Conventions:common and proper nouns

Vocabulary: context clues

Writing: Personal Narrative-using sensory details!

Guided Reading and Fluency practice at home!

We are working hard in our guided reading groups and getting into an excellent routine. Our guided reading groups are based on word knowledge, comprehension, and fluency.

For extra fluency practice, your child is bringing home an activity to complete at home. Your child will read the passage three times on three different days of the week. Please time your child for one minute. Count and record the number of words your child reads correctly. Record this in the boxes at the bottom of the page. The goals is try to increase the number of words each time your child reads while concentrating on these skills:

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The focus of writing in third grade is to be able to write a well-thought out response to literature, whether it be fiction or informational text.

During writing we focus on sentence development, parts of speech, paragraph development and poetry writing.

This week we continued to work on our personal narratives. We spent a lot of time developing our writing using sensory details.


This week we continued with Topic 3. We have been working hard on the distributive property and working on our multiplication facts. We practiced our multiplication skills by using QR codes this week. We had several multiplication facts to figure out and then used a QR code to check our answers. Everyone had a fun time with this activity. We also continued guided math. Guided math allows me an opportunity to work more closely with all of my students one on one or in small group, while other students are working on lesson work, practicing their math facts for mastery or using their knowledge to practice these skills in math centers. Students were able to explore a new math game to practice multiples, make connections between math and science, and practice using our digital math tools on our Chromebooks. We also explored a new website for math practice- https://www.frontrowed.com/. Front Row Ed has inquiry based lessons that give students real-world projects to develop their understanding of the importance of different math concepts and how they are applicable. Students can practice at home on this website too! Please make sure your child is practicing their facts nightly. Thank you for your help at home!

Xtra Math/Front Row/ Prodigy– These are useful math practice websites we will be using in our classroom. Please do not forget to make fact practice a part of your evening routine. The quicker you set it up as a requirement the sooner your child will just do it on their own:) The extra practice is critical to mastery of the facts. Thank you for supporting the nightly practice of Math facts.

Practice Pages- when these come home, it is very important that your child is completing their math homework and returning it the next day. Your child will very rarely have math homework on Friday’s, but please make sure you are practicing their math facts as this will help them as we continue to work with them daily in math.

Student of the Month

Congrats to Emily in our class for winning our PBIS Student of the Month Award! Emily was nominated and won this honor for going above and beyond to help others in our classroom and around the school. She takes great pride in being a helpful and kind students. She also has a growth mindset. She always looks on the bright side and knows that making mistakes is a way to help her brain grow more knowledge.
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Social Studies

Unit 1- Map Skills: Reading and Creating Maps

Unit 2- 5 Regions of the United States- Which state is in which region

Unit 3-Illinois- History and Changes to the state

***We will complete one unit of Science and then switch to Social Studies. It is easier to complete one whole unit in each subject than switch back and fourth each day since we are on a very tight schedule daily.


  • Weather and Climate- Building a hurricane proof house
  • Forces and Interactions- Build a roller coaster
  • Life Cycles and Traits- Problem based learning activity​
  • Ecosystems- Building a VEX robot to save an animal
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    Yearbooks for Sale!

    Capture your child's elementary school memories with a

    2016-2017 Conley Yearbook

    Only $15

    Order online at ybpay.lifetouch.com


    Absentee line—847-659-3711

    Please send a note in if you will be picking up your child

    Please Read 20 minutes every night and record it on your child’s calendar in their agenda (planner). Also, please sign your child's agenda each night.

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    Important Dates


    10/24-10/28 RED RIBBON WEEK

    10/24 Team Jersey day

    10/25 Culver’s Night

    10/25 Bright colors day

    10/26 Wear red

    10/27 Super Hero, camouflage, patriotic attire

    10/28 College, career clothes

    10/28 Picture Retake Day



    4th- End of Trimester 1

    21st & 22- No School - Parent Teacher Conferences

    23rd- No School

    24-25- No School- Thanksgiving Break


    22- Jan. 3rd- No School- Winter Break


    4th- School Resumes- Welcome Back

    16th- No School - MLK Day


    15th- End of Trimester 2

    16th-17th- No School

    20th- No School- President's Day


    27th-31st- No School- Spring Break


    3rd- School Resumes after Spring Break

    14th- No School

    24th- No School


    26th- earliest last day of school- if no emergency days are used

    29th- No School- Memorial Day


    2nd- tentative last day- End of 3rd Trimester


    Volunteers- Do you want to help out in the classroom? If so, you need to fill out and return the volunteer form. A copy of this form was at Open House. If you need another form please let me know.

    Calendars were sent home this week for October. If you are unable to make your time and day, please let me know.

    Thank you!

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    Box Tops

    We are collecting Box Tops in our class. The class that collects the most by October gets an extra recess! So fun! Send in those Box Tops if you can! Thank you so much!

    P.E. News

    Please take a look at the district wide policies on P.E. shoes, and parent/doctors notes from the handbook:

    "PHYSICAL EDUCATION We are asking all students in grades K-5 to purchase gym shoes exclusively for P.E. class. All students will be expected to participate in P.E. except those who have a written doctor’s excuse and/or a note from the nurse. Normally a student who provides the nurse with a note from a parent can be excused from P.E. for up to 3 days. After 3 days, a doctor’s note must be provided. An excuse for P.E. applies to recess as well."

    If an issue does come up please email your child's P.E. teacher.

    Mrs. Gore, rgore@district158.org

    Music News from Mrs. Crowe

    We've been working on a "note story" this week--some of the words in our story have been replaced with treble clef notes that spell the word! We've had a lot of fun deciphering the words! We've also been playing the words from the story on the xylophones and the keyboards in Mrs. Crowe's piano lab!

    Classroom donations needed:

    I like to keep a small supply of extra snacks on hand in case a student forgets their snack for a day or two. I am running low with the snack supplies I have purchased.

    If you would like to donate, we would appreciate it!

    Individual bags of:

    Goldfish, pretzels, popcorn, crackers, animal crackers, or fruit snacks.

    Thank you so much!

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    An ending note....

    I can't believe we are beginning the month of October already! Planning for our Fall party on October 31st from 2-3 pm is underway. Thank you to everyone helping out with the party!

    I am so happy to share and be a part of your child's life. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Enjoy your weekend!