Christmas In Germany


Christmas in Germany Begins On December 6th.People often bake spiced cakes and cookies. Germans Back ginger bread houses. christbaugeback is a white dough for making decorations.
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Special people

In parts of Germany People believe theres a christ child who sends a message on Christmas eve. She appears in a white robe and a gold crown, bearing gifts. the angle is called Christkind. There is also a christmas figure called Weihnachtsmann meaning the Christmas man. He is the same as Santa Claus.
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The night before Christmas

Some homes in Germany Have several Christmas Trees. Also in towns alot of objects glow and gliter. In Germany Merry Christmas is frohe weihnachmann. In Germany there are christmas markets with food and decorations Germans have a locked room and their child get woken up at midnight their parent goes and unlocks the room and see that their presents are all there.
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