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Mrs. Fikac - First Grade ESL Teacher

Mrs. Fikac - First Grade ESL Teacher

Achiever: My natural determination and diligences are keys to help me be successful as a teacher. I strive to achieve tangible goals no matter large or small. I teach my students they can achieve goals if they work hard and practice. No goal or task is too hard or out of reach.

Developer: As a developer, I see that each student is a work in progress with possibilities. Helping students grow and develop in their academic skills gives me great satisfaction. I instill in my students they are still learning and growing; that mistakes are okay if we learn from them. We all can be successful.

Discipline: My classroom is always in order and well planned; from the placement of the furniture to each activity. My classroom is structured. The structure of the class and procedures also assist students in their learning.

Responsibility: I take ownership for anything I commit to, whether large or small, whether at school or in my personal life. I follow through until completion! Apologies and excuses are not acceptable; we are all responsible for our actions and the outcome.

Adaptability: I adapt to the needs of the students. I create a flexible learning environment to ensure all students success.

Mrs. Fowler - ESL 1st Grade

Mrs. Fowler - ESL 1st Grade

As an Achiever, I feel good when I achieve a tangible goal with my student's learning.

As a Relator, I enjoy establishing relationships with my students.

As a Input, I an inquisitive and am good at collecting documentation on my students.

As a Discipline, I must have things in order and planned so that I am prepared to be an effective teacher to my students. I love structure and routines in my classroom.

As a Focus, I am an extremely valuable team member because I keep everyone on point.

Ms. Louvet - Bilingual 1st Grade

Ms. Louvet - Bilingual 1st Grade

I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor in Social Work with a 4.0 average. I returned to UTEP and completed their Alternative Teaching Program. I am certified in Special Education, Generalist K-4th and Bilingual – Spanish. I have been at Hart Elementary since 2007 and had previous taught in El Paso, Texas. My work with CPS and Mental Health has enriched my career in education. I also was in the business workforce as a credit union manager for many years.

I firmly believe that every child is capable of reaching high goals when they are exposed to high expectations. My classroom environment is that we all work together and help each other in and grow academically and personally.

I enjoy working at Hart Elementary because of its fantastic teachers, administration, students, and parents, all with a common goal – our students. I personally have learned so much from my colleagues.

I love to see my students engaged and excited about learning. They are just awesome!

Mr. Nieto - First Grade Bilingual Teacher

Mr. Nieto - First Grade Bilingual Teacher

Mr. Nieto is an INCLUDER. He wants to include people and make them feel part of the group. His other strengths are DELIVERATIVE, RELATOR, INDIVIDUALIZATION, RESPONSABILITY.
Ms. Sanchez - 1st Grade Bilingual Reading Specialist

Ms. Sanchez - 1st Grade Bilingual Reading Specialist

After graduating from Southwest Texas State University with a B.A. in Elementary Education, I worked in 2 San Antonio school districts for a total of 15 years. I have been blessed to teach here for Austin ISD since 2009 as a Reading Specialist. This position has given me the opportunity to keep obtaining knowledge through the added responsibilities I have been given such as that of being a Dyslexia Designee on our campus, being a trainer of teachers on tests that help assess student progress and working closely with the teachers on my team and our campus and getting to learn from them.

My goal is to teach with my strengths:

I strive to have HARMONY in my classroom where there is mutual respect and everyone accepts the responsibility of being accountable to themselves, the teacher and the group. When these exist then students are able to learn. It is my responsibility to help students become DISCIPLINED and I can only do that when I show them that I am disciplined and I strive to work just as hard as they do. I am Positive, Restorative and show Empathy in my classroom. These strengths help me make my students comfortable where they look forward to coming daily.

Rocio Lopez Ramirez - 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher

Rocio Lopez Ramirez - 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher

Communication- I am able to communicate effectively with my students in a way that they are able to understand and comprehend. I also use to this strength to value my students by getting to know them.

Contentedness- I believe in the capability of my student and I believe that there is always of way of helping them achieve, have self-confidence and feel proud of all achievements.

Consistency- I very consistent with rules that are fair for everyone in our classroom. I make sure that all structure in the classroom benefits all of the students to help in their academic achievements.

Input- I enjoy learning along with the students. I push their curiosity to explore and investigate more along with me.

Learner- I believe that one can never stop learning. We are learning everyday from each other and that is something that I make my students be aware of. They know that you can learn from everybody and you can use that to help others learn as well.

Alicia Rodriguez - 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher

Alicia Rodriguez - 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher







I am a person that likes to collect information and artifacts, especially if it has to do with science. I love to travel to places, with amazing outdoor opportunities, that allow me to continue to learn and collect information to share with my students. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about other cultures. I am a responsible person and work hard to achieve my goals, without excuses. I am a problem solver and refuse to give up on anything or anyone!

Anabel Clara Martinez - 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher

Anabel Clara Martinez - 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher

My strength of “Woo” is ignited by the challenge of encountering new people and gaining their esteem. As a co-worker and a teacher I want to learn more about my associates and students, ask them questions, and find common interests upon which to build rapport.

My strength of “Positivity” shines when I am generous with praise, quick to smile, and always on the lookout for the upside of the situation. I bring enthusiasm to my surrounding when I stimulate others to be more productive and hopeful.

My strength of “Individualism” is shown when I focus on the differences among every single student and person. I instinctively observe each person’s style and motivation, how each thinks, and how each builds relationships. I keenly observe other people’s strengths and draw out the best in each individual.

“Communication” is a natural talent that enables me to bring ideas and events vividly to life. I turn thoughts and actions into stories, images, examples, and metaphors. I want their information — whether an idea, an event, a discovery, or a lesson — to captivate the audience and my class.

As an "activator" I get excited about moving forward with my goals. I make a decision, run with it, look at the result, and learn. I know I will be judged not by what I say or what they think, but by what I get done. This does not frighten me. It energizes me.

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