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what's the city like?-the features

The city paris, it's the city more historical of europe, his estructure more representative is the tower Eiffel, located in the center of the city. also paris is known as the city of light.

Paris is the capital and largest city of France, situated on the banks of the river Seine, in the Northern Centre of the country. With a population estimated of about 10 million inhabitants to the metropolitan area of Paris, master of essential form economics and political and cultural life of France.

Circular path, Paris is divided by the Seine, entering from the Southeast and turn towards the North before leaving the city to the Northwest. The River forms two islands: the île de la Cité and Saint Louis. Its moderate climate exerts an important influence on the life of the city. It enjoys temperate winters, fresh summers and well distributed rainfall throughout the year, allowing the installation of outdoor cafes, open markets and other places that make up the urban setting, which you can enjoy at any time of the year.

location of paris

Paris is located in the North of France, in the heart of the Paris Basin. The city is crossed by the Seine River. In the center of the city are two islands that constitute its oldest part, Île St-Louis and the île de la Cité. In general, the city is relatively flat, and the lowest altitude is 35 meters above the sea level. Around the Centre of Paris are several hills, being the highest Montmartre with 130 meters.

the most beatiful places in paris

the most beatiful Attractions of París!

Discover the sights, sounds and events in the area. Have fun. We will be waiting for you when you return.
  • there is tower Eiffel
  • there is catedral notre dame
  • there is arco del triunfo
  • there is panteón
  • there is sainte chapelle

Don't miss these top attractions:

The Paris Attractions Pass

Bateaux Parisiens: relax and discover the most famous monuments of Paris from a cruise on the Seine.

Or Chateau - experience of wine tasting: enjoy some of the best French wines in this fun and educational experience, we recommend it!

LÓpera Garnier of Paris: visit this wonderful 17TH century building and marvel at its imposing interior.

Paris Story: an interactive attraction that will be tracing him in time to tell you all the details of this historic city.

Musée Grévin: you can see over 300 wax figures of world famous spectacular recreations in characters.

Tour Montparnasse: the view of Paris from the 56-story tower are simply stunning.

L'espace Dali: a fine collection of paintings, sketches and sculptures of this enigmatic artist.


which dresses are made by Fashion House in paris?

  • Dio'r
  • channel
  • Poiret
  • Schiaparelli
  • Vuitton
  • Dio'r: these are Accessories female made by the fashion house of mrs christian dior
  • channel: these are coat female made by the fashion house of sra coco channel
  • Poiret: these are dresses female made by the fashion house of mrs paul poiret

days celebrations

  • New year: on 1th january
  • Easter Monday: first Monday after Easter.
  • Labor Day: on 1th may
  • Day of the victory of 1945: on 8th may. Celebration of the end of the second world war.
  • Ascension Thursday: at Date variable.
  • Pentecost Monday: at date variable
  • The storming of the Bastille Day: on 14th July. Commemoration of the day in that French citizens tired of the oppression of the French monarchy were made with the Parisian fortress, which meant the beginning of the revolution.
  • Day of the assumption: on 15thAugust.
  • Feast of all saints: on 1th November .
  • Day of the Armistice of November 1918: 11. Commemoration of the day in which was signed the peace treaty that would end the first world war.
  • Christmas: on 25th December.


  • Francois hollande: this is the person who is elected as president of france
  • Napoleón bonaparte this is the person who began the france revolution
  • René descartes: this is the person who invented the methodology mathematical logic


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