Financial Advising

Joelle Williams

Saving and investing

Budgeting helps achieve short-term goals like paying monthly bills. It's also for longer-term financial goals like buying a home. This also helps to know where the funds are going for tax purposes. Also, whatever people save they generally invest it to get a better reward or profit.They might invest it in land,house and so on.In terms of firms they invest what they save to be able to produce more output and earn more profit.When the levels of saving are high so is investment and so is economic growth.

Saving tips and options

Switch your bank accounts to a bank that respects you. You shouldn’t be spending your hard-earned money on maintenance fees – you also should be earning some serious interest on your checking and savings accounts.

Turn off the television. One big way to save money is to watch less television. There are a lot of financial benefits to this: less exposure to guilt-inducing ads, more time to focus on other things in life, less electrical use, and so on.

Sign up for every free customer rewards program you can. Even if you don't shop at a place very often, this free customer rewards program could add up and earn you discounts or coupons.

Make a shopping list and stick to it! Make a shopping list before you go to the store and stick to it. Don't buy anything not on your list, no matter how tempting. It will save you a lot!

Saving options....

Get a saving account at a bank or just simply save your money.

Tips on investing

Work on your life goals.

Know where the money goes.

Safe investments: Savings Account, Fixed Deposits (Certificate of Deposit, Government Bonds, PPF (Public Provident Fund),Post Office Schemes, and others.

Modern Risk Investments: Company Deposits, Mutual Funds, Gold, Property.

High Risk Investments: Stock market trading.