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Acton Weekly Update 8/31/18

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Weekly Collaboration Schedule- Quarter 1

This is the schedule up until Fall Break.

Coach's Corner


Reaching All Learners

New Information:

Midterm grading window is NOW open. Follow the directions provided by Cindy Stafford (forwarded on 8/31/18)


Midterms: I am sending out the following message with a little more explanation to our families via an IC email this weekend. Then I ask that you cut and paste the statement into your midterms for ELA comments.

Due to modeling and practicing beginning of the year procedures with independent structures in the classroom, there were not enough assignments/assessments for an accurate grade at this time.

School Visits: You will see Dr. Toni Stevenson (Chief Academic Officer for Elementary Schools) coming around with me periodically to visit the classrooms so we can debrief about what we are seeing in our classrooms and know how to provide support to you all, as well as how to reinforce the great work you are doing. She wants to have a pulse on the FTCSC elementary classrooms, and ensure that we are moving forward with the expectations that we are asked to abide by (such as I charts or stamina charts with Daily 5 procedures, etc.). When she is here, she is simply here to support us and follow up on the initiatives we have in place. I expect her here during the board tours and later in the week.

Grades 3-5 Grading: If your students are struggling with the CFU's then that data should be used for reflection. Please reteach the material and give students an opportunity to retake the CFU. Be proactive with families and communicate that you may not be putting all grades in the grade book until they've had a chance to master the material or you can let them know there is a grade in the grade book, but their student will have the opportunity to retake it. When letting a student retake a CFU or CFA, they should be given full credit. Mastery is the goal!

Counseling Corner

It's been a great first month of school. You have rocked it promoting our PAWS around the school and teaching procedures. As you continue to reinforce procedures in September, I will add some words of wisdom from Harry Wong's The First Days of School. Classroom management is more of a philosophy than a set of steps, so it always helped me to keep my mind set on these concepts.

50 years of research on student learning has shown the number one factor governing student learning is Classroom Management. This refers to the practices and procedures used by a teacher to ensure that teacher instruction and student learning will take place.

Remember that we want to be managing the classroom, not disciplining the classroom.

It does no good to add new plays to a poorly managed sports team. And it does no good to add new programs to a poorly managed classroom.

You manage a classroom with procedures and routines.

Procedures + Routines = STRUCTURE.

You can have responsible students in a structured classroom because the students know what to do. You can also have a very exciting and creative classroom because students know what they are going to do.

As we begin September, let's continue to precorrect and preteach routines and expectations, so when students do have trouble with a direction, we the teacher can calmly say, "What is the procedure for __________?"

Notice that there is no threat involved. The student either knows how to line up for lunch or doesn't. What follows is the predetermined and pre-taught consequence (both good and bad) that occurs depending on their decision.

Until next week, I wish you well.


Weekly PBIS Focus Expectations:

Sept 4th Week 6 Cafeteria- Please find at least one opportunity to discuss and/or practice cafeteria expectations.

September 5th- Cafeteria Expectations Review Group. Please fill out the google sheet below with the names of any students that you know needs to practice cafeteria expectations with me.



  1. Reading Logs will be collected and totaled every Monday morning. Please just clip them outside your door and we will come around to collect them.

  2. Matt, Kevin and I will take your class if you need to reteach any PBIS procedures around the building (hallways, bathrooms, classroom expectations, playground, etc).

Trauma Informed Instructional Practices

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Ohana Calandar

Monday 9/3/18 Labor Day- No School

Tuesday 9/4/18
  • Collaboration: Daily 5 Read to Someone and Listen to Reading
  • Building Evacuation Drill @3:30

  • PTO meeting 6:30

Wednesday 9/5/18
  • Collaboration: Open Enrollment with Jill and Kendra
  • Cafeteria Expectations Review Group with Brook

Thursday 9/6/18

  • Culture Team Meeting @ 8:15

Friday 9/7/18

  • 3:00 Midterm Grades Posted

Coming Up Before You Know It:

9/10/18 Bus Evacuation Drills

9/10/18 Airways Reports Training-one rep per 3-5 teams/ Brook/ Matt

9/11 &12/ 18 CFA Training- Scott/ Rigsby

9/19/18 SOS Day

9/21/18 PTO Team A Thon

9/24-9/28*Anti Bullying week -DATE CHANGE

9/25/18 Nadine Tech Training- coverage provided

9/26/18 Waterford Training (info- coming soon)

10/2/18 PTO Meeting @6:30

10/3/18 Emergency Drills @10:00 AM

10/5/18 End of Quarter 1

10/5/18 Vision Screenings

10/8/18 PBIS Assembly @3:00

10/10/18 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-7:00

10/11/18 Parent Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30

10/15/18 Fall Break

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