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January 16, 2014

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REMINDER: Volunteer Appreciation Party

Saturday, Jan. 18th, 11am-1pm

1 Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, United States

San Francisco, CA

Don't forget! The Volunteer Appreciation Party is THIS Saturday, January 18, 2014 from 11 AM to 1 PM at the General's Residence, across from Building 201. We feed you. See you all there!

Holy Grail Contest Winners!

Hi All:

At long last we happily announce the winner of the Holy Grail contest. Congratulations Kirke Wrench, for a lovely image that includes diversity of age, ethnicity, and physical ability as well as a great shot of the Bridge from a Park location (see above)! We also have two runner ups- Francis Ng for a great shot of a Ranger led walk showing age and ethnic diversity, and Roland Greenberg's happy image of a group of park visitors eating food from a Healthy Parks Healthy People event.

The winners can choose from the prizes, with Kirke getting first dibs. Congratulations and THANKS to everyone who contributed!

High Priority Photo Shoots

We need photographers for each of the events listed. Don't worry if you see another photographer there, we're ALL working together ! Here are just a few places we need covered this month.

  1. 1/18 Academic Internship Orientation - Fort Mason from 2-4PM after VIP Party

  2. 1/20 MLK Day of Service 2014

    CONFIRMED 1/20 - SCA 40 - 50, AM Marin with Naomi @ MUBE

    CONFIRMED 1/20 - AmeriCorps - Habitat for Humanity East Bay, volunteers, AM with Shelagh, Garden Conservancy @ AZ

    CONFIRMED Bay School Eco Club 8 - 10 students @ Presidio

    CONFIRMED 1/20 - AmeriCorps - SF Community Clinic Consortium HealthCorps, 24 volunteers @ Fort Baker

    CONFIRMED 1/20 - Playworks, 60 adults @ Crissy

    1/25 Muir Woods Earth Day

    CONFIRMED Mercy High School, 8 students, 2 adults, MUBE

    CONFIRMED The Fairmont, 30 - 40 adults, MUWO (need to add to HOC)
  3. Fort Point Candlelight Tour
  4. Sunset/Full Moon Walk to the Point Bonita Lighthouse
  5. Don't forget to photograph each other. If you see you another photographer/videographer, don't forget to get a photo of them in action.

For other photo opportunities don't forget to check out the Parks Conservancy's Events calendar:



Friday, March 28th, 6am to Saturday, March 29th, 11:45pm

1199 East Beach

San Francisco, CA

This is your chance to work with National Geographic and meet their staff and photographers! Please tell us as soon as possible if you plan on coming.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Vista Landscape Photo Challenge

We're off to a great start with this challenge! This wonderful (and useful for publicity!!) image by Frank Morse is just what we need. Wide, scenic, colorful and showing park visitors enjoying themselves. Good work!

Once again-please create 5 different vista photos, including one shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Images should include:

  1. Diversity, of course. (If you can't get a good group, photoshop them in!)
  2. At least 5+ people in the photo.
  3. Scenic vista at either sunrise, sunset, or evening shot within the park. Interesting cloud formations help make the photograph unique.
  4. Wildlife if possible.
  5. panoramic dimensions 16:9 preferred

Composite images are fine. Commercial glamour style scenic vistas with people are what we are looking for. Don't forget we need both vertical and horizontal photos!


fun times with fellow VIP photographers

We're currently working on a weekend photo excursion to Pinnacles National Park, the newest one in the system, for the last weekend in April (full moon!) or the first weekend in May. Mark your calendars!

Photographer's Corner

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Counting them, dead or alive. Or both.

Bio Blitz is coming, so you better have it on your calendars by now!

March 28 to 29, 2014

And... If it ever starts raining again, the flowers may come up after all. We encourage you to photograph any that you see in the parks, like this Cala Lily by our own George Su.

Especially look out for these: Western hound’s tongue (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_hound%27s_tongue) is a small blue flower that is common at Muir Woods this time of year. Keep a keen eye since these flowers are low to the ground and smaller than a dime. Trilliums (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trillium) and Scolipus biglovii (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scoliopus_bigelovii) are also common at Muir Woods.

For more information, refer to our Wildflowers of the Golden Gate brochure.


(coyote Photo by Doc Miles)

Park Photographer Calendar—Keep Checking it Please!

George and Alison update the calendar every two weeks or so, and we'd love some feedback from you all about how it's working for you.


If the calendar isn't showing up properly for you, let George know so we can fix it.

Still looking for other opportunities to photograph in the park? Try this site too:


Not a Volunteer Park Photographer? Find us by chance?

Consider joining by becoming a volunteer at Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). See what other opportunities are currently available.

More Info: http://go.nps.gov/BeAParkHero

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Photographer for the GGNRA? Apply now at:



Most of you are doing this really well, and our uploading volunteer (Alison) thanks you for it! BUT some of you are giving us carefully named images like this : Alcatraz_20131122_(your intitals)_ 17..... when we'd prefer simply ALCA_131122_(your initials)_17. Please use the four letter acronym for the location, not the full name, and 13 for the year, not 2013. The four letters are the first two in the location name; Fort Mason= FOMA, Marin Headlands=MAHE, etc. THANKS!

  1. Edit and delete the out of focus, blinking eyes and other bad shots
  2. Edit again, choose the better ones and process them (crop, sharpen, etc)
  3. Name them LOC_YYMMDD_Photographers intitials_sequence #
  4. We prefer the Adobe 1998 color space, and DNG as the file format
  5. Name the folder in Box.com with the location and event name, plus your name!
  6. Pat yourself on the back for doing good :)

Volunteer Park Photographers (JPGs) Folder on Box

You may have noticed this folder on Box.com. Quite a few Volunteer Managers (and group organizations) have been requesting copies of your images. If you have a chance, please upload JPG versions of your group photos into this folder.

Please create a folder in accordance to the name of the group participating and the date, and upload them.

Park Academy

Park Academy provides professional career preparation for park interns, professional development opportunities for park staff, and personal enrichment for volunteers by providing ongoing learning opportunities. Conservancy members are also invited and encouraged to register for classes of interest.

To find out more go to http://www.parksconservancy.org/learn/park-academy/

CPR & First Aid Training

CPR & First Aid Courses are going to be available to staff and volunteers in January & February 2014. If you are interested in learning taking advantage of learning this please let us know. This is a free class, we just need about half a day from you.

Volunteer Park Photography Program

The Design Volunteers In Parks (DVIP) program is an innovative program which works in collaboration with students from the Academy of Art University, R/GA, and Ex'pression College. The purpose of the program is to help students connect with the parks' natural and cultural resources while demonstrating their ability to understand particular targeted audiences. Students participating in the program benefit by obtaining experience as volunteers working for the National Park Service as clients. Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in new media design.

The Volunteer Park Photography & Park Press program is a branch of the DVIP program which focuses on Digital Photography.