Welcome Designer In Waiting (DIW)

Hooterrific Owl-Stars Team

Welcome to Our Team

Hi, I'm Dawn Ramsay, your Hooterrific Owl-Stars Team Leader. Congratulations on joining Origami Owl and welcome to our Hooterrific Owl-Stars Team. Whether you've joined to just sell to family and friends, you're using this to subsidize or making this your primary income, or you just want something to keep you busy, I'm here to support you in your new venture. It's good practice to go to your mentor first, but if you can't get a hold of them or need information they don't have access to, feel free to contact me!

While You're Waiting....

  • Make sure your mentor has added you to the Super Stars in Waiting DIW FB Group Page. This is where our upline director to The Nest (O2 office) has created a page just for DIWs to exchange ideas, support each other and receive important DIW information.
  • Purchase a locket and wear it daily!
  • Ask your mentor for some TOMs (To Go Menus) to show perspective hostesses and customers.
  • Keep track of those who want to show interest in buying a locket or hosting a party.
  • Be sure you've saved enough money to purchase your starter kit, you have 72 hours to purchase it after you've received your invitation (shipping and tax are in addition and tax is based on the full retail amount of the products in the kit).
  • Consider creating an email and phone number just for your new business. (Google Voice offers free voice numbers that can be forwarded to any phone). Your email cannot include the trademarked phrases: Origami Owl, Living Lockets, Tell Your Story, Jewelry Bar.
  • Having a separate "business" O2 bank account will make it easier to keep track of your income.
  • Acquire a credit card reader if you'll be collecting payments at your Jewelry Bars. There is an option to place card numbers into the Back Office Party Tab, but just in case it's a great idea. O2 recommends PayAnywhere but I prefer Paypal because funds are deposited into your account immediately, other readers take a business day or two.
  • It's easy to make a list of 40 Friends in 4 Minutes: FRANK = Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids (people you know through our kids). Contact all of them to let them know about your new venture and share with them our personalized products.
  • Purchase a calendar just for O2 so that you can block off the times you are unavailable and what days and times are good to book Jewelry Bars or Events.
  • Purchase any display or business items that you may need to host a Launch Party and Jewelry Bar, i.e., table cloth, necklace holder/bust, pens, clipboards, calculator, dangles display, mirror, etc.
  • Share the Origami Owl Career Opportunity with others. You can add people to your future team NOW. Have them sign up just as you did, there's no need to put in a designer ID until they get their invitation, by that time, YOU'll have your wings and and ID.
  • Make a list of questions to ask your Mentor...it's their job to support you before, during and after you've become an Independent Designer

I know it seems like a long wait, but I waited 3 months and 11 days and it was well worth it. I did all of the above and a week after I received my wings and got my kit I had two huge parties that paid for the price of my kit...HOOT HOOT. Enjoy yourselves and Good Luck!