The Inland Taipan


Its Lethality

The Inland Taipan is considered the most venomous snake in Australia but is it really that big of a threat? People are killing these beautiful snakes at just the sight of their scaly body only because they think they are in serious danger. But has anyone thought about if they can be left alone and be docile.

We Want Them To Stay!


These beauties of snakes are going extinct because people are killing them because of the minuscule chance of attack even when they are yards away or even the sight of one in the past. People of no good reason for fear when these snakes have barely caused any deaths to humans. We only assume this because they are considered venomous. People can become more aware of the fact that they try to stay away from us but we take the "fight" to them. So we need to care for these creatures and protect them against worrisome people trying to harm them. So please help the "living wonder of the world"!