The Bear Facts

September 2016 - Week 3

Highlights from the Week!

This week in kindergarten we practiced rhyming and began to learn how to isolate beginning sounds of words. We started our Nursery Rhyme book and are working on our very own world map. It was a great week of learning. Keep reading to learn more!

Mrs. Celiberti

STAR Teacher

All about Mrs. Peterson

  • Her favorite animal is a cat.
  • Her favorite place is on her boat.
  • Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family.
  • Her favorite colors are all the colors.
  • Her favorite food is Mexican food.
  • If she had one wish she would wish for more love around the world.

It was fun to learn more about Mrs. Peterson!

Look at What We are Learning!

Spotlight Skill--Concepts of Print

Use the tips below to practice concepts of print skills:

Choose a book with 1-2 sentences on a page. Have your child:

  1. Count how many words are in each sentence.
  2. Count how many letters are in one of the words.
  3. Point to each word as you read it to them.

Learning At Home

  • Read nightly. Record in your child's SHARE reading log.
  • Practice naming letters and telling their sound.
  • Go on a sight word hunt through a book. a, I, the
  • Retrace numbers on Math worksheets.
  • Observe the sun during different times of the day
  • Watch the learning video on each Let's Find Out cover (link provided).


  • Changes to end of day plans should be communicated in writing. Include name & date. Notes or emails work great.
  • Help your child grow in responsibility by having them empty their backpack daily. Use the worksheets as a springboard for communication about the day.
  • Have a question? Refer to your Kindergarten Welcome Packet, The Bear Facts, or the weekly SCPA Update for answers.
  • If you didn't sign up for Conferences at LS information Night, click on the link below to sign up on the google doc.

Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 23- Scholastic orders due
  • Sept. 30- Old Gem Theater, Field Trip- Johnny Appleseed
  • Oct. 19- All School Marathon
  • Oct. 20-21— No school MEA

This & that....

Friday Sharing:

Help your child find a small object that has the same "beginning sound" as their name.

Volunteer opportunities.

  • Watch for small group and field trip volunteer opportunities.

  • Parents as readers

  • Door Decorator

Contact information

Ann Celiberti

Kindergarten Teacher