AR 101- Lunch & Learn

Accelerated Reader basics - Let's Get Started!

Kline Whitis Elementary

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Personalize the reading practice

As with all tools, the results that you and your students achieve with AR will depend on what you do with it. When used thoughtfully and with proven techniques, AR can lead to tremendous gains in the students' reading abilities.

In this training:

  • We describe some of the techniques that maximize the potential of AR.
  • You will hear basic information about incorporating AR into your reading class.
  • We'll show you some practices that will get you and your students off to a good start, and help you set goals for your students' reading practice.
  • We'll share some tips for managing your classroom, and show you where to find resources you'll want to access when you're ready.

AR 101 - Lunch & Learn

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 10:45am-1:15pm

Kline Whitis Elementary School - Room 39

Bring your lunch with you to Room 39. (We'll provide dessert).

We will start 5 minutes after each lunch period starts.

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