Potential and Kenetic Energy

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Kinetic energy

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion/ movement. Some examples are a roller coaster, animal running, or a person driving a car, anything in motion.
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Potential energy

Potential energy is the energy an object has when it is still or not in motion. An example is, a person standing in place or a car at the top of a hill.
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Potential energy transferred into Kinetic energy

An examples of potential energy transferred to kinetic energy is when an archer is in position aiming, he has potential energy, when he lets go of the string it turns into kinetic energy because the arrow is in motion.
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Potential and Kinetic energy

If someone is driving somewhere and he starts speeding really fast he has more kinetic than potential energy, If a person gets to a red light and he completely stops he has more potential than kinetic energy, If he starts slowing down he has equal amounts of kinetic and potential energy.