Olson Outlook

21-22 School Year Final Edition

In Closing

As we wrap up the 2021-2022 school year, the Olson staff would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our Olson families. In the biggest roller coaster of a year yet, our students still managed to get reacclimated to in-person learning, stay healthy and safe, make new friends, learn A LOT(!), laugh with their classmates and teachers, and so much more! We can't do all of that without parents and guardians' help at home, so thank you for being part of the Olson team. We wish you a relaxing and fun summer!

To our 5th grade families who are moving on to middle school, we wish you the best of luck and can't wait to hear about your child's successes at Creekside or Northwood. We know the kids are excited for their new experiences in 6th grade, but please remind them, once a Mustang, always a Mustang!

10 Things the Brain Needs Summer Challenge

At Meet the Teacher last August, each family received a "10 Things the Brain Needs to Be Healthy and Ready to Learn" refrigerator magnet. This year, the Olson students learned all about their brains and what it means to be learning in their upstairs brain as well as how to cope when they are Learning Compromised or when they "flip their lid" and become Not Learning Ready.

Each Olson student either already received or will receive tomorrow a "10 Things the Brain Needs Summer Challenge." Students should follow the directions, complete activities in each of the 10 areas, and return it to school in August to be entered into a raffle for cool prizes! Let's keep our brains sharp this summer!

Speaking of keeping our brains sharp, check out the Summer Reading Program at the Woodstock Public Library. For information on their promotional kick-off event, see this link. Here is a link to the promo video. https://youtu.be/l6nKKgmmHWU

Congratulations and Best Wishes

We would like to bid a fond farewell to the following staff members who are leaving Olson. Some will be working in other District 200 buildings, some in other districts, and some at other places in new positions all together, but they have each made Olson a very special place. Thank you and best wishes to:

*Ms. Carlson, Literacy Interventionist

*Ms. Jurca, School Social Worker

*Ms. Staples (Ms. Nicole), Target Social Worker

*Ms. Alejandra, Bilingual 1:1 Associate

*Mrs. Cervantes, Bilingual Associate

*Mrs. Stierling, Bilingual Special Education sub

*Teacher Residents Ms. Diaz and Ms. Cruz

*Intern Ms. Maddy

Congratulations to the 2022 Olson Retirees:

*Mr. Fuller: Mr. Fuller has taught PE in District 200 for 24 years and coached for 30 years. His favorite memories are THE KIDS, the old skating unit, and working with his music teacher partner Mrs. Sharp at Dean Street to produce a play. In Retirement, Mr. Fuller is looking forward to continue his coaching role and taking a cruise.

*Ms. Hilger: Ms. Hilger is Olson's LRC associate. Ms. Hilger has been with the district for 23 years. Her favorite memories of working in District 200 all involve…no surprise here…reading to kids! Some things that Ms. Hilger is looking forward to in Retirement are making lots of art, finishing all her home projects, and sleeping in.

*Mrs. Olesen: Mrs. Olesen is an RTI associate and she has been with District 200 for 20 years. Her favorite moments of working with kids are those moments when it just “clicks” and kids understand something they’ve been hard working at and they are so proud of themselves. In retirement, she is looking forward to not having to set an alarm clock and doing more traveling to the many beautiful places she would like to see.

Congratulations and enjoy your well-deserved Retirements!

Summer Enrichment Camps

  • Spanish, Coding, STEM, Theatre...It’s not too late to sign up for Enrichment Camp this summer! The camps run June 6-16, Monday through Thursday. There are 2 sessions each day and sessions are held at Olson. More info about the courses can be found here!

Links to Registration

Flyer in English Flyer in Spanish

¡Todavía hay tiempo para inscribirse para el Campamento de Enriquecimiento este verano! Del 6 al 16 de junio, de lunes a jueves. 2 sesiones cada día. ¡Para más información sobre los cursos haga clic aquí!

1st Day of School for 22-23

The 1st day of school for the 22-23 school year is Monday, August 15th.

Arrival remains 7:10 AM.

Meet the Teacher will be Friday, August 12th in the afternoon. Exact times will be sent out during the summer.

Resources from the Olson Social Workers

Need a calming room? How about community resources? Check out this parent and student resource room. Mrs. Watson's favorite is the virtual glitter jar! Thank you to Ms. Jurca for putting together this helpful resource.