Active listening by Alex Bridges

How to excel not just attend

How to take advantage of spoken lessons

Whenever you really listen to a speaker you can remember the lesson, do better on the test, and retain the information. To do this you need to make sure you are focusing only on the words coming out of the speaker's mouth. You need to be still, and not have any distractions connected to you. That also means not having sidebar conversations, or talking in general. Do not play with your phone, twiddle your thumbs, hair, or play with any other objects. This is also the courteous, and "smart" thing to do.

How to ensure the speaker knows your listening and clarify problems at the same time

Whenever the speaker is finished speaking, you need to ask question. When you ask questions, ask questions, that make the speaker go into depth about a concern you may have or to expand on a topic, doing this will let the speaker know you were listening as well as help you better understand the material. You need to repeat the key message back to the speaker when he or she is done. this will ensure you have heard the message correctly.
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How to make sure you retain information

To make absolute sure that you have everything you need, you need to take notes. When taking notes copy down bold, highlighted or repeated information. You should paraphrase sentences to ensure you don't fall behind in notes. Make sure you only copy down what seems most important.

Active listening

Assignment lesson 4 Module 5- Career mangeament

Sharing roles

Whenever you share the role of speaking and listening, do not interrupt the speaker, ignore the speaker, and do not focus only on the speech you are planning to give. It is courteous to listen when someone is talking to you, also their speech, can help you with what you are planning to say.
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