Canada & The US

A Comparison of Both Countries

A Map of Both

Down below is a map of the US & Canada. Canada is represented as red while the United States is blue. It also shows the acronyms of the states & provinces.
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Flags of both countries
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The United States & Canada are a lot a like due to the fact that we are so close to each other & we have no border controlling each other. The US even trades with Canada for goods & other supplies. Canada was the US' largest goods export market in 2013 & the 2nd largest supplier of goods import in 2013 as well.The US even invested in Canada's foreign direct investment with 3 & a half billion USD in 2012. As you can tell, the US & Canada are very close in the trading department & are very close trading partners & are close in as many other departments as well.
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Each of the countries are represented differently, in the US the president is the head of the government along with his administration. While in Canada, they have a prime minister that controls the government only. The relationship between these two are pretty good but may have some differences along the way.They even have friendly bets on the Olympics such as hockey! There were bets more recently when Vancouver held the Olympics & both sides lost & won some bets.


Even though you may not think that people from the US & Canada don't look or act alike, they are very alike in culture. For example, both countries come from a British colonial heritage. One of the main reasons is due to our border that has no rules since the two countries are such good friends with each other. Since they are good friends, they don't even feel the need to show their military power against each other. You can see more info about this by clicking here. Both parties of the countries are good friends as well since they have a strong trade going on for a good amount of time now that they even travel to each others countries to go to social events sometimes. Of course, this may not occur a lot since both parties are very busy but you will see this every now & then.

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