Elements of an epic

Starring Homers Odyssey

Legendary Characters

Legendary characters usually face supernatural tasks and are aided in these tasks with a god or goddess help.

In The Odyssey Odysseus is often helped by the goddess Athena.He is faced with such tasks as taking on cyclops,muses,lotus eaters,a nymph named calypso that held him prisoner,and many more.

Grand Setting

The setting in an epic is usually vast and spread across many different places.Sometimes it may even involve other universes or worlds.

Strong Style

In epics there is usually a strong high tone when there is conversation.There is very deep detail in the actions committed.Conversations are never meaningless.There is always a reasoning behind the conversation

Supernatural Forces

Gods,ghosts,demons,and other unruly and unworldly creatures involved in the epic.

In this particular gods are the main supernatural force involved,Odysseus is helped by Athena several times.She motivates him and replenishes his beauty.He is cursed by Poseidon as a consequence for blinding his son The Cyclops.

Great Deeds

In Odysseus ten year return home he is faced with grave challenges.He defeats any monster or man in his way.This often happens in an epic.

By Odysseas completing this mass challenge of returning home,aining Penelope's trust back,and defeating the sutors,By him doing this it shows he has great valor and courage.He completes many great deeds.

Hero's Journey

Hero's Call To Journey

The hero is called to his journey When the Trojan War starts.He is goes to battle with his comrades The Archaeans.Our hero will be gone for twenty years,The Trojan war lasted ten years.The hero's return home also lasted ten years.

Supernatural Aid

In the Odyssey Odysseus is aided by Athena several times.She always has his back.She is always there to motivate him and keep him fighting.She even disguises him so he can infiltrate the suitors.If it wasn't for Athena he wouldn't have made it home.

Crossing of The First Threshold

Odysseus leaves from his acquainted territory.Heading out on his grave adventure to Ithaca where his home is.He will face many places he is unknown of but curious about.

The Initiation

After the Trojan war Odysseus has a encounter with an cyclops.Well he ends up being held captive with his comrades.He must blind the cyclops to escape.Him being hubris and arrogant he yells his name after he blinds the cyclops.The cyclops father was Poseidon and cursed Odysseus on his voyage home.

The Road of Trials

Odysseus faces many challenges in this epic.Such as a cyclops,a nymph name calypso who holds him captive,muses,lotus eaters trying to brainwash his soldiers,suitors trying to take his fortune and wife,and gaining his wife's trust back.

Woman as Temptress

On his journey home Odysseus runs into some muses.Odysseus make his shipmen tie him to the stern and he listen to there beautiful lullaby but cannot act on it because he is tied down.This is a form of temptation

The Ultimate Boon

This part happens when Odysseus returns home and defeats the suitors..That was his task the whole time is to get home and return to his wife and son.He does so after he returns home and goes through a series of tasks to defeat the suitors and gain his wife's trust back.

Rescue From Without

In The Odyssey Odysseus reaches help from without.Athena helps him several times on several different occasions.If it wasn't for her he would not of made it home.He was also aided by Zeuss

The Crossing Of The Return Threshold

When Odysseus returns home and meets his son right away he starts teaches him life lessons he will remember for a lifetime.He teaches how to be a fierce warrior and to keep fighting for people you love.The reason Odysseas wanted so badly to get home was because of his family.He proves that in several situations,

Freedom to Live

After Odysseus returns home defeats the suitors and gains Penelope's trust back.He has one more task he lets bigons be bigons with the suitors family and peace is restores.Odysseas will not have to fear death anymore he has made good with everyone and everything.

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