Move to the New England Colonies!

We'll give you all the reasons why!

Founders of our colonies

Massachusetts: Founded in 1629 by the Massachusetts Bay Company.

Rhode Island: Founded by Roger Williams in 1644 by a charter.

Connecticut: In 1636, the towns of New Haven and Hartford joined together to form Connecticut.

New Hampshire: Founded by King Charles II to try and achieve greater control over the colonies.

Religion in the New England colonies

Well, the dominant religion here in the North is Puritan, seeing as our first permanent settlement in 1620 at Plymouth rock was rich with the puritan faith. However, if you are not interested in the simple life of a Puritan, we have a little something for everyone! Rhode Island is the colony of liberal ideologies and total religious freedom! There you can find people who did not succumb to the Puritan faith such as Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams.


Our New England Colonies thrive off the sea. Trade isn't an issue, since our colonies are right off the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Fishing and lumbering are prominent occupations, just some of the many that keep our economy thriving. Agriculture is also an important part of our economy. Connecticut is our breadbasket, producing much of the wheat and corn that we trade to the mother land, England.


Most of our New England colonies are royal charters. In other words, we are ruled by England, which allows us to import and export goods easier and more freely. Although ruled by the crown, man of our towns have representative form of local government.

The Economy of the New England Colonies