Mrs. Murray's Class

April 8, 2016

Special Announcements

Economics Fair

What an amazing event! Everyone sold out. We are looking forward to the class discussion on Monday about how it all went. It was interesting to see how our students decided when to make money (open shop) and when to spend money (close shop).

Monday is Library Day


E Slot

Sportsmanship visit from Coach Montgomery.


Introducing the concepts of multiplication and division. Mrs. Bechtol visited our class and introduced up to the 9 Lines. Maybe your student came home and taught you the 9 Lines!

Writer's Workshop

Completed persuasive writing.

Reader's Workshop

Completed discussions of advertising.

Social Studies

We began learning about economics!


Learning Focus

Writing: Procedural Writing

Reading: Reading Comprehension

Math: Multiplication and Division

Social Studies: Economics Wrap Up

Skills Streaming: Dealing With Embarrassment

Student of the Week: none

Upcoming Dates

4/12 Hat Creek Spirit Night

4/14 Chik-Fil-A Westlake Spirit Night

4/21 Circle of Games

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