EV Mustang News

March 1, 2019

Our vision is to be a Healthy and Literate Community!

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Student Pick Up After School

Please do not pick up your children in the back parking lot. It is a safety issue. Children will sent to the front of school for pick up. The line is shorter after 3:15!

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Technology Concerns

In the last few weeks we have had a number of incidents with the misuse of technology. Technology is an amazing tool for learning, creating and efficiency. It is a powerful tool when used properly. It can also be very damaging when used inappropriately.

It has been brought to our attention that many students have You Tube channels. You Tube is being used to upload video that the students are creating. Some videos have been hurtful and unkind towards their classmates. In addition, we have been altered to an app entitled Tik Toc. This app targets elementary school students. It is similar to SnapChat in that the videos disappear after a certain amount of time.

As a staff we are concerned about the impact technology is having on students. We encourage you to monitor your child's interaction on line and their use of technology. We will be offering a technology and parenting class this spring to offer information on how to best monitor and safeguard agains technology and its misuses.

Up Coming Events

March - Project Rainbow

Thurs. 7 DELAC

Fri. 8 Bus Evacuation 9am

11 to 15 Parent Teacher Conferences

18 to 22 Spring Break

Mon. 25 PTO 6pm

Fri. 29 SSC 3:30 & ELAC 6pm


Thurs. 4 DELAC

Mon. 22 No School and Golf Tourney

Wed. 24 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 27

Thurs. 25 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 26 SSC 3:30 & ELAC 6pm


Fri. 3 Purple Pinkie and Cinco de Mayo

Thurs. 9 DELAC

Wed. 22 Open House 6pm

Fri. 24 SSC 3:30 & ELAC 6pm

Mon. 27 holiday - No school

Thurs. 30 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 31 EV Field Day 9am and BBQ 11am


Tues. 4 Preschool Grad 5pm

Wed. 5 Awards Assembly 9am

Thurs 6 Promotion 9am