Madison Elementary School

November, 2018

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  • November 27 - Book Fair, 3:30-7:30
  • November 28 - 90 min Early Dismissal PD
  • December 5 - 90 min Early Dismissal PD
  • December 21 - 90 min Early Dismissal Christmas Break
  • December 24 - January 2 No Class - Christmas Break
  • January 3 - Class Resumes

Warm Weather Clothing

The weather continues to fluctuate somewhat, but colder weather is coming. Be sure and get hats, gloves and warm coats here at school for outdoor recess. Winter boots will be necessary when the snow begins to fly. Our weather rule is to stay indoors when the “​feels like temperature”​​ is zero or below. The actual temperature may not be zero but when you add in wind chill the temperature will feel colder than what the thermometer reads.

Book Fair

Book Fair date: Tuesday, November 27th

Shopping hours: 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Location: Madison Library


We have a building wide goal this year of increasing the amount of time all students are reading. Learning to read is the number one job for students at Madison. In

addition to learning the skills of reading (decoding, phonics etc.) we want them to LOVE to read books! The more they read the more fluent they will become. Reading fluency contributes greatly to reading comprehension which is the end goal. You may have seen the posters in the hallway of the staff holding one of their favorite books. Last Wednesday we celebrated reading by allowing students to go to last year’s teacher and hear them read a story. Students also got a chance to pick any staff member to read them a story. We have more reading activities planned this year to motivate students to read more. We put out some information at Parent-Teacher conference time about helping students to read at home. If you have any questions about that or would like to know more, contact your child’s classroom teacher.


We are blessed that students are with us each day. We also understand there are times when they need to be absent. The federal government has established a new guideline of sorts regarding attendance. If your child exceeds 10% of days missed they are considered “Chronically Absent”. That information is taken from Infinite Campus, our district information management system and reported to the government via a report that we are required to file. Today (Friday) is the 50th day of school. If your child missed any more than 5 days of school thus far this year, they would be considered Chronically Absent, according to this new guideline. We love having your child with us and will take them as often as we can get them!

Thanksgiving Holiday

We will be dismissing from school the “normal” 90 minute early out on Wednesday, Nov. 21, and then NO SCHOOL on Thursday, Nov. 22 and Friday, Nov. 23.

Be sure and check the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner meal on Wednesday, Nov. 14th at Madison! That is a great day to come and eat with your child. If you would like to join your child that day for lunch, please call/email the office so we can add you to the hot lunch count for that day!