3 for Thursday

September 3, 2015

1. 53 Ways to Check for Understanding

Head over to Edutopia and download 53 Ways to Check for Understanding. It's a great list of informal assessment techniques. Some you will know, some are new....some are quick and easy and others a bit more detailed. There's something for everyone!

2. Phrasal Verbs Machine

The Phrasal Verbs Machine, developed by Cambridge University, is a free iPad app that aims to help ELL students learn the meanings of phrasal verbs. The Phrasal Verbs Machine provides students with short animations that illustrate the meanings of many common phrasal verbs. There is a written definition below each animation. Students can view the animations and definitions as many times as they like before trying their hands at the practice identification exercises.

3. Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is one of our under-used resources. You'll find it in your Multimedia Menu here at school, but you probably have it on your home computer as well.

Students can utilize this tool to make videos/slideshows quickly and easily. If you'd like to learn more about Windows Live Movie Maker, check out this video educast series by Sean O'Neil.

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