The Peine Pride

May Newsletter

A Message From Dr. Andrews

Peine Families,

We are in the home stretch. It always seems like the time after spring break is a fast-paced race to the finish. We have 19 school days left before summer vacation. What?! Only 19 days?! How did that happen? I know that around this time everyone starts counting down. People are making plans for what they will do over summer vacation. The weather will hopefully start staying nice, and kids and adults begin to stare longingly out the window, daydreaming about summer fun.

Yes, we are counting down the days. But we will make every single one of these last few days count. Time definitely goes by too fast. So we are going to capitalize on every moment that we have left with your children. Amazing learning and amazing experiences will keep happening for your kids in the classrooms. We promise to keep adding to those experiences and interactions all the way until the last bus pulls away on the last day of school.

We have 19 days left to be awesome for your kids and we will!

Also, we miss our students when they are not here!

Did you know that students who miss two days of school per month end up missing an entire school year of learning by the time they graduate from high school? Every minute matters. Every day counts. Partner with us in your child's educational success by supporting strong attendance! Learn more.

Thank you very much!

Dr. Andrews

Dates to Remember

May 1-12 MAP testing

May 8-12 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5- School Lunch Hero Day

May 9- Playtime party center fundraiser night (PTA)

May 10- National Nurse Day

May 10- Papa John's Dining Night (PTA)

May 22- Field Day

May 25- Last Day of School/Early Release/ 5th Grade Clap out!

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Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair

The Scholastic Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair is coming to Peine Ridge May 1-5. You can buy one book and get a FREE book of equal or lesser value. This is a great chance to stock up on books for summer reading! This is also a great time to remember teachers right before Teacher Appreciation Week. You can donate money to your child’s teacher’s eWallet so they can buy books for the classroom! Please look for a link from your child’s teacher to donate.

You can set up a Scholastic eWallet for your student. This is a great way to pay ahead of time with your credit card. Go to to set up an eWallet. If you would like to send cash to school with your child, please place it in a ziplock bag with the child's name and money amount. If you send a check, please make it payable to Peine Ridge Elementary. We also take all major credit cards. When calculating totals, you must include tax (8.45%)! We are happy to fill in blank checks with the total amount, including tax.

Library Books Due

All Peine Library books need to be returned the week of May 15!! Please help make sure your student(s) get their library books returned on time so the library can take inventory and make sure all books are accounted for.

Calendar Changes

The Board approved the 2022-23 academic calendar revisions, as presented. With these revisions, the last day of school for all PK-11 students has been moved to May 25 this year. The last day for seniors will be May 24. View the academic calendars here. Please insert the attached calendar graphic in your newsletter.

GiveSTL Day

We’re counting down to #GiveSTLDay this May 10! We hope you consider giving to our Care to Learn Wentzville chapter.


This is a friendly reminder to make sure you always bring your driver's license when coming into the office. Whether it is to pick up your student, have lunch, or come for an assembly. We will always need to run your ID when leaving the front office for anything.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Come Home and Join Team WSD

Calling all WSD graduates or residents! Come Home and become a part of the WSD family.

As part of our Come Home initiative that was developed in coordination with WNEA, teachers who are WSD residents or graduates can bring all their years of experience for the newly revised salary schedule. First-year teachers who are Wentzville graduates can earn up to $7,500 ($2,500 each year) for a three-year loyalty incentive, and any Wentzville graduate who comes home from working elsewhere to teach at WSD will receive a one-time $2,000 stipend.

What are you waiting for? Come Home to WSD for the 2023-2024 school year!

Learn more.