Department of Agriculture

Founded on May 15, 1862

Tom Vilsack

Tom Vilsack is the current and the 30th Secretary of Agriculture.

The seal of the United States Department of Agriculture

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Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture was established on May 15, 1862. President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation to set it up. The purpose of the office is to expand overseas markets for U.S. agricultural products. They also ensure food safety for consumers. Official title of the head of the office is called secretary of agriculture. Tom Vilsack is the 30th secretary of this department. The department first funded by the Hatch Act of 1887.

Current Events

-USDA awards $46 million to boost energy effiency in Vermont. (January 8, 2016)

-Statement from Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack on expanded market access for U.S. poultry, pork and beef exports to South Africa ( January 7, 2016).