Katheryne Vasquez

About Me!!!!

I am from El Salvador. I came here like ten years ago. My favorite color is red . I have a Best friend he's name is Alvaro, we been Best friends since seventh grade. I am 17 years old. My birthday is on December 2 !!!!!!!!!!!! I have a little sister and a little brother they are like my kids. I babysat them after school and during summer. Me and my mom relationship is pretty cool I trust her a lot she is like my best friend. My dad he is cool too but he is a serious person so he scares me.

More about me!!!!!!!!

I like to dance in fact I have dance class, this is my second year in dance. I like to try new things specially food!!!! I'm a quiet person but once you get to know me i'm crazy you can ask Kiara. I'm not the person that starts a conversation with someone else like if is a stranger. I don't play any sports but i enjoy watching them. I like to go to the mall, actually there is not a day I don't go to the store. I love chocolates even though they give me pimples. I eat a lot of chips and I drink a lot of coke!!! I don't really like water unless i really need to drink some I'll drink it.
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