Russian Revolution


Winter of 1917

  • Colonists were hungry, stocks of bread weren't enough
  • woman came out on the streets and protested the lack of bread
  • rumors spread that the bread was being held back from them, there mood darkened
  • Woman through snowballs at the mens factories so they would come out
  • it was clear that there was a big strike
  • cries changed, they weren't only cries for bread but, they wanted a new empire
  • end of afternoon 100,000 workers joined

The next morning

  • Socialist avicaders acted to this
  • Colonists got there weapons
  • marched in protest, ready to fight
  • strike got larger and intolerable
  • King brought in soldiers to get them off streets
  • some were killed
  • some still held there ground

The war is like soda that has been shaken and shaken for years and now the top comes off


definition: rebellion against proper authorities by soldiers or sailors against there officers

  • mutiny spread
  • soldiers joined them from different place
  • had a BIG group of rebels


  • stopped on a train back
  • they closed the lines ahead
  • stuck on the train
  • is powerless
  • got telegrams from commanders telling him to abdicate: renounce there throne
  • Over 300 years his family had ruled over Russian Empire
  • he was staring at the end

After Revolution

  • no place for Czar
  • Bloodless rev.
  • a lot of places were printing to proclaiming there independence
  • they were really proud