The Challenger

By: Sam Strubberg

The Explosion

The Challenger was just one random orbiter that didn't have something that another one didn't have. The Challenger had exploded on it's way up into space. Some people say it was because the O-rings needed to be fixed because they were broken or that the O-rings could not stand the coldness and it leaked so it caused it to explode. No one really knows why it exploded but we all know it was a big tragedy.

The Teacher

On that day there was a teacher going to go on the Challenger and teach her students about life in space. There were 11000 teachers that wanted to go but the one who they picked was Christa McAuliffe. Usually there are only 4000 people who apply for the job and usually only 20 make it.


After the Challenger had crashed they didn't change anything about spaceships except for they made sure the O-rings were fixed. The Challenger explosion was a big tragedy but people should know that it happens every so often.