Fifth Grade Updates

October 8, 2015

Study Tips

As your students get older, they will need to start spending more time studying topics from class at home. It is hard for students this age to take the initiative to study when they need to because they generally don't know that they need to study and they don't know how to study.

In reading, students typically study by reading a story and answering questions about it. Questions could include topics like vocabulary, characters, setting, plot, main ideas, drawing conclusions, and summarizing. In math, students prepare for tests by taking home their workbook and doing some of the problems from the unit.

Science and history take a little more time to prepare for. There is more memorization that needs to happen and application of what has been memorized. We wanted to share with you some ideas on how to help your child study for these tests.

Study ideas:

  1. Read information from textbook or Discovery Education (online) on the topics covered in the unit AND take notes, create a graphic organizer, or write a summary
  2. Create flashcards for the main topics and vocabulary within the unit. For example, on the front, write the word, and on the back, write the definition or facts. Students practice looking at the word and remembering the back without looking.
  3. Create a game with flashcards. Go Fish and Memory are quick to create. Make cards that have the main topics and vocabulary written on them, and instead of writing the definition or facts on the back, write them on a separate card to make a pair.
  4. Create acronyms and songs to help remember information. For example, in science, we typically use: My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nachos where the first letters are the same first letters as Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus.
  5. Have mom, dad, brother, sister, or friend quiz your child over notes from their spiral or from their textbook.
  6. Watch Brainpop videos over content from the unit and take the quiz at the end. Brainpop login: Skaggs_1 password: brainpop

Our first science test will be on October 15. It will cover the physical properties of matter. I have attached some vocabulary cards you can use with your child if you wish.

We try to make most of our questions on tests for each subject area be a similar format to what students will see in middle school and on STAAR. To see examples of this format, please visit:

Good luck studying!


I’m excited to let you know that our 5th graders will be participating in WordMasters, a national vocabulary challenge offered to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Skaggs Elementary. The students will compete as a school against other private and public schools across the nation. Individual students with the highest scores will also recognized. Students will be given a list of vocabulary words to study. They participate in WordMasters meets three times during the year where they will be asked to answer analogy questions regarding the vocabulary from that list. Awards are given to winners at the end of the year. Our first meet will be in December. I am attaching a list of the first group of challenge words.

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