Rough Riders Soc' Em!

Knocked the socks of Socratic Seminar!

Now watch us WIP (work in progress)!

We, meaning the Sophomores, recently finished a Socratic Seminar. We spent days reading, preparing questions, arguing (discussing passionately) in groups in order to analyze the short story, There Will Come Soft Rains. It was, according to the students, "a weird story." What the students unpacked however - with minimal teacher input - was how it related to history, why the author may have written it, and what it might mean for us today. Amazing work!

At first, the students silently squirmed in their seats. They struggled in silence, and I let them. I commented only when someone brought up an idea, and then only to tell them to explore the idea further.

Ninja stars to Sam, Isaiah, Yashira, and really, 6th period!

Good job also to Taylor in first for searching Google to get some background

to Devonte, Devion and Damian for leading discussion with really insightful input.

To the sporty ladies who missed the first day of the seminar, but jumped right in today -