World Learning

Tamheed Training

World Learning has had an ongoing field presence in Algeria since 2005, advancing educational reform in the field of English as a Foreign Language as part of the US Department of State Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) -funded Partnership Schools Program (PSP). Building on those successes, World Learning is now developing the capacity of selected Algerian universities to design and deliver high industry-driven programs of study in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and Business through the Algerian University Linkages Program (AULP). Under this program World Learning also provides support to university career centers to help create opportunities for students through the development of viable links to private industry and a targeted soft skills training program. Our sponsored career centers also engage Algerian university students and select young leaders with disabilities in addressing social problems within their communities through the MEPI-funded Promoting Education, Altruism and Civic Engagement (PEACE) program. We have assured long-term sustainability for the project through public-private partnerships with area businesses, including Anadarko and Microsoft. Finally, World Learning is adapting our career development trainings for the high school context through the Department of State-funded PLUS program, working with at-risk students in five regions across the country. All of our programs seek to serve high-needs areas of Algeria, including rural desert areas, to bring high-quality programming to those most in need.